A look at WSU's all-time passing stats

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Hi CougCenter,

Always put the disclaimer out there that I am not a statistician, just a guy that loves the Cougs, let me know if you have any feedback or changes you'd like to see. I was curious to take a look at the top WSU QB's of all time and found that Sports Reference had stats for pretty much every player who has thrown a pass for Wazzu.

I limited the data to players with at least 100 attempts (you can change that filter if you want).

Last year I read a Dead Spin article on how passer rate isn't a good indicator of how likely a QB is to win, but rather Yards Per Attempt by Touchdown Percentage (what percent of attempts are a touchdown).

I did a similar exercise (Link Here) as the first dashboard on NFL QB's last year and wanted to take a look a look at how it'd play out for the Cougs.

My biggest take away's are:

1) Ryan Leaf was very, very, very good.

2) I can see why there was such controversy when Price benched Gossen and Garcia in favor of true freshman Drew Bledsoe.

3) If only Alex Brink had stellar defenses to back up that O

4) If Connor can improve his YPA he should destroy the WSU record books. (Touched on that here as well)

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