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Taylor Taliulu talks about his progress and competition in fall camp

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Taylor Taliulu enters the 2014 season with some experience under his belt, but also some competition behind him. We had a chance to speak with him Wednesday after practice.

Taylor Taliulu
Taylor Taliulu
WSU Athletic Communications

From Lewiston -- Taylor Taliulu looks much improved up to this point in camp from last year. Still, he finds himself in competition for the No. 1 free safety spot with Darius Lemora. We had a chance to talk with Taliulu about that competition and going head-to-head with the Cougars' strong receiving corps.

CougCenter: Taylor, you really had your feet held to the fire early. You came out and started your first two games as a freshman and then went back on special teams. Talk about the process of your first season?

Taliulu: Just learning. Getting my reps when the coaches tell me too. And pretty much getting better each game and each week.

CougCenter: You're in some competition with Darius Lemora for the free safety spot. How much does competition push you?

Taliulu: Competition pushes us all. That's the thing that Leach stresses. If you're not competing against each other during a practice, then we're not getting better as a team.

CougCenter: What are some of the things you have worked on in the offseason building towards this season?

Taliulu: Just being physically ready for the season, for a game and knowing what I have to do mentally also.

CougCenter: Obviously, this team is really loaded with receivers. How important are they to developing you? They look really good out there and you guys have to keep up with them.

Taliulu: I think these are the best receivers in the Pac-12. Actually, in the country I think, the best corps of receivers in the country. So I think for us young DBs, a lot of the young guys and me especially, going against those types of receivers is going to help us every day.

CougCenter: How is the camp going for you? Who are you rooming with?

Taliulu: I'm rooming with Marcellus Pippins. It's just a good time out here bonding with our brothers and coming out here and getting away from Pullman and all the distractions.

CougCenter: Does it help rooming with another defensive back? Are you guys talking about some of the coverages?

Taliulu: It helps. Me and Marcellus always are talking about coverages and stuff like that. All the other DBs too. We always get together and talk about what we are doing.

CougCenter: Pretty tight unit?

Taliulu: Yeah.