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WSU vs. Rutgers tickets: Plenty of good seats still available!

Either people have been waiting for the coveted discounted ticket, or this game is going to be sparsely attended.

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There were plenty of good seats still available against Stanford last year.
There were plenty of good seats still available against Stanford last year.
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Still need a ticket to the WSU-Rutgers game on August 28? Boy, has WSU got a deal for you!

There is a "LIMITED QUANTITY" of $15 tickets -- for "Limited time remaining!" -- to the season opener at CenturyLink Field through Groupon. The tickets have a face value of $30.03 for a 50 percent savings. When I started writing this post, it said there had been over 70(!) bought at this tremendous price.

Beware, though: You can only buy a maximum of eight tickets.

There's always been a running joke about the Seattle game among hardcore fans that if you want to go to the game but don't care where you sit, just wait for the Val-Pak -- you know, those coupon envelopes that come in the mail offering discounts on everything from restaurants to tanning to duct cleaning. WSU used to have a coupon in the August mailer; I remember using it to buy my tickets to the Oklahoma State game in 2008.

I don't know that they offered these the last few years for the Pac-12 games; an all-call on Twitter didn't generate many responses. I don't think they did for Oregon State and Oregon, but I do seem to remember a Living Social deal last year for Stanford. But I could be wrong.

Regardless ... we've definitely returned to the 2014 version of Val-Pak this time around, signifying that not much has changed with the Seattle game, despite moving the game back to early in the season and bringing in a beatable major conference opponent to face a team coming off a bowl appearance that should feature one of the most prolific offenses in the country: How are ticket sales going for the Seattle game?

Moos: They're moving nicely, but we have found in our Seattle games since I've been here - and the Seahawks warned us of this - the rate of sale on those tickets for Seattle will pick up 14 days out.

This won't exactly subdue the fans who believe that the Seattle Game has long outlived its usefulness, a fact that Moos all but admitted: Will this be the final "home" game in Seattle?

Moos: We're going to assess that. One needs to realize that we just put $130 million into Martin Stadium (counting the new, adjacent Football Operations Building). We've got to weigh the value of it. I think it (an annual Seattle home game) served its purpose early on because we did not have the big TV deal, and we had to explore for revenue streams to get out program jump-started.

I know there will be Seattle fans who love their Cougs who will be disappointed to see this game go, but the sad truth is this: There just aren't very many of you.


P.S.: Sixty minutes later, there are now over 90 bought! Better hurry!