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Cyrus Coen talks about his senior season at WSU

Cyrus Coen will be one of the players playing his final home game in the Apple Cup this season. We took a moment to speak with him after practice in Lewiston to get his thoughts on the season and his recent nomination on the Polynesian Player of the Year watch list.

Cyrus Coen
Cyrus Coen
WSU Athletic Communications

Cyrus Coen is one player that is in line to have a special season in 2014. The true senior linebacker has been one of WSU's leading tacklers for the past two years. We had the privilege to talk with the soft-spoken native of Pearl City, Hawaii about his anticipation for the coming season and working with fellow linebackers.

CougCenter: Cyrus, you're a fourth year senior. Talk about what this season means to you.

Coen: Just blessed to have come this far. It's the last season. I have to go all out and get everything I can.

CougCenter: Which teammates have been instrumental in helping you along since you arrived at WSU?

Coen: The only person that I can think of since I have been here is Toni Pole. I've been his roommate for the last couple of years. He has been really instrumental in my life and my college career. I met him my freshman year here at WSU.

CougCenter: How do you think the linebackers have been doing as a unit so far?

Coen: Fantastic. We're setting the tone for practice every day. We're coming out blazing fire and practicing hard. I'm real proud of my teammates.

CougCenter: How are you enjoying camp so far? Who is your roommate?

Coen: To be honest, I'm enjoying it. It kind of reminds me of home of how hot the humidity level is because I'm from Hawaii. My roommate is Chandler (Lenui). He's a freshman here. He's doing really well too. He's picking it up really fast. Yeah, I love it here in Lewiston playing on the grass.

CougCenter: Does it help having a fellow linebacker for a roommate? Obviously, you're four years along and he just came to the program.

Coen: For sure. I try to give him as much advice as I can just to help with his transition because I know it's hard to transition to a college football career. So it's been great.

CougCenter: You were recently put on a watch list for the Polynesian Player of the Year by the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame. Talk about what that means.

Coen: I'm honored. Really just blessed. There we're a few players that I thought should have been nominees too, Toni Pole and Darryl Paulo, they are really good players too. I'm just blessed.