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The CougCenter Hour: Moving on to the Biggest Little City in the World

The loss to Rutgers in the finale of the Seattle game was an ugly one. We try to dissect why it happened and look ahead to the Cougars' game in Reno.

Well that didn't go very well, now did it?

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A pretty brilliant game offensively but an ugly one defensively costs the Cougs a win over a team they frankly should've beaten in Seattle. We'll talk to our own Brian Anderson at 7:35 about what went wrong for the Cougs defensively and if there's anything else the offense could have done better.

Before that though, we'll look into the team the Cougs will be facing this Friday with Jeremy Mauss of Mountain West Connection at 7:15. Jeremy will help us dig into a team that went just 4-8 last year but does return a throwing and running threat at quarterback.

As ever, we'll end the show with our Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything, you chance to lay any question at our feet. You can ask one in the comments here or on Twitter using the #cougcenterhour hashtag.