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Mike Leach is no good at fixing plumbing

Did the result of Thursday's game make you want to cry? This will make you laugh!

Otto Greule Jr

Most successful football coaches are sort of legendary for their single-minded pursuit of excellence in football -- football becomes life, and little else matters.

Of course, WSU has a football coach who is famous for being pretty much the exact opposite of that. Mike Leach takes pride in knowing a lot of things about a lot of things, having a well-known affinity for pirates and writing a book on Geronimo with WSU professor Buddy Levy.

When you put that together with the fact that coaches sometimes just need to be regular ol' husbands, you get this hilarious story about Mike Leach told by Sharon Leach via Lindsay Schnell at Sports Illustrated:

Years ago, one of the Leach children complained to her mom about slow water flow from the upstairs bathtub. Sharon assured her daughter that a plumber would swing by to fix it the following week. But before he arrived, Mike decided he could figure it out on his own.

Soon enough, water began pouring from the bathroom floor into the Leaches' kitchen, resulting in severe water damage. Mike had forgotten to turn off the water before deciding to play Mr. Fix-It. Because no one in the family knew where the water shut-off was, most of the kitchen floor, along with some of the living room carpet, had to be replaced. Now, when she moves into a new home, finding the water shut-off is one of the first things Sharon does.

Anyone surprised that, A) Leach totally thought he could fix it, and, B) that he totally was absent-minded enough to forget to turn off the water main? Anyone?

There's a bit more on Leach and a lot more on other coaches. Fun read.