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Victory Sunday: Cougars Overwhelm Portland State

WSU did what we were all hoping they would do on Saturday, convincingly beat an inferior opponent. They put up some eye-popping statistics in the process.

William Mancebo

Good morning, Coug fans, and welcome to the first edition of post-victory Hot Cougar Action. I know we were all hoping this would be the third version, but I'll take what I can get at this point. For the first time in quite some time, probably the Idaho game last year, the Cougars established early on that there would be no doubt in this one. As with every game involving the Cougars though, there were a few hiccups.

The first one came on Portland State's first offensive play, when they ran a 'go' route, just as Rutgers had done. Just like Rutgers, it was wide open. Unlike Rutgers, Paris Penn dropped what almost certainly would have been a touchdown. To say the least, that would not have been a positive development. The only other giant head-scratcher that stood out to me came in the second quarter. Portland State was facing 3rd and 21 at the WSU 40. The quarterback checked down, clearly hoping to salvage some positive yardage. What happened? The receiver weaved his way through WSU's defense for a gain of 30. Fortunately for WSU, the Vikings fumbled on the next play, and the game was never in doubt after that.

Other than that, the Cougs played pretty darn well over all. Sure, there were some plays they would like back, such as that ugly pick six, but as Jeff wrote in the recap, WSU overwhelmed the athletically inferior team. That's notable here, considering that this same team actually led Oregon State at halftime a couple weeks ago. Also, amassing 700 total yards is incredible, regardless of the opponent. It also appeared that WSU escaped the game injury-free, which is critical in games like this, just ask Arizona State. With the Ducks coming to town next week, we'll need all hands on deck. For now, let's celebrate the fact that we're one-third of the way to winning the Oregon State Championship.


Cougar Offense Sets Records in 59-21 Win - Washington State University Official Athletic Site
Enjoy the highlight video, as WSU offense goes for school-record 706 total yards, 630 passing yards versus Portland State.

Cougars come together to thump Portland State in Pullman opener - - Sept. 13, 2014
Whether or not the offense or the defense played better on Saturday night will be a subject of debate in the Washington State locker room this week.

WSU-PSU notebook: - - Sept. 14, 2014
The team showed more willingness to rely on the running backs in the red zone than in previous contests. With first-and-goal in the first quarter the Cougars ran the ball on three consecutive plays, with freshman Gerard Wicks finishing the drive with a one-yard touchdown run.

Some final thoughts from WSU's win over Portland State - SportsLink - - Sept. 13, 2014
The coaches hinted that they didn't like how little the running backs were used in the first two games, and quarterback Connor Halliday clearly made it a point to rectify that early.

WSU honors legendary sportscaster Keith Jackson - - Sept. 14, 2014
Raising a flag is easy when you’ve been a standard-bearer for most of your life. Especially when you’ve come home to the place where it all began, to “my kind of people,” sportscasting legend Keith Jackson said Saturday night after he tugged at the rope that hoisted the Washington State University flag above Martin Stadium.

WSU defeats Portland State 59-21 - A picture story at
Washington State University defeats Portland State 59-21 at home in Pullman, Wash., Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014.

Washington State gets some needed relief, beats Portland State | Bud Withers | The Seattle Times
The people on those message boards sound really cool, said nobody ever.

Isiah Myers has a breakout game for Cougars | Cougar Football | The Seattle Times
“He’s the best route-runner I’ve ever seen,” said WSU quarterback Connor Halliday.

PULLMAN: Halliday’s big night leads Washington State to win | Washington State University | The News Tribune
Washington State has never lost to an FCS opponent and the Cougars scored on three consecutive possessions, starting late in the first quarter, to take control.


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