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WSU football recruiting: More on new WR commit Dahu Green

Didn't get enough in last night's article? We've got even more video for you.

The 2015 WSU football recruiting class is shaping up to be one of the best in school history, but until Wednesday night, it was missing a major component: A big receiver to play on the outside. Mike Leach and his staff rectified that by picking up a commitment from three-star receiver Dahu Green.

Green, who is 6-foot-4, is from Oklahoma. He appears to have great hands, and he certainly has a frame that could become quite beastly with some time in the weight room and buffet of that snazzy new Cougar Football Complex. He decommitted from Louisville a few weeks ago, and WSU's coaches had been hard after Green.

"That was the team that I thought if there was change of heart then that would be it," said Green's high school coach, Adam Gaylor. "He'll get a chance to play early and they throw it 80 times a game. I think if it stays the way it is, it'll be good for both of them."

In case you didn't get enough of Green last night, I've got great news for you! More videos! There's a get-to-know-you video at the top from, in which Green says he wants to major in construction management (making WSU an excellent choice), and there are some videos from camps via here.*

*Beware: All the videos are autoplay, which is why I did not embed them below. You're welcome.


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