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The CougCenter Hour is back from a bye week to talk about Cal

We explore where the Cougs sit three games into the season and look ahead to the California Golden Bears.

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We're now a quarter of the way through the 2015 season ... WSU just didn't get to 2-1 quite how we thought they would. We examine where the Cougs are right now and what to make of the team.

Then, we sit down with Avinash Kunnath of California Golden Blogs and Pacific Takes for his look at an undefeated Cal team coming off a conference opening win in Seattle. Jared Goff is arguably the best in the conference so there's reason to be scared but also a little reason for some hope in this game.

We'll dive into the state of the Pac-12 after Oregon's befuddling loss to Utah and then we take our rage out during the Dunderhead of the Week segment. Then, in my opinion, our finest Ask Michael Anything question in segment history.

Thanks for listening!