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The CougCenter Hour: Oregon State's in the dust, we look ahead to Arizona

The Cougs did what they needed to do against Oregon State. Now, with a win against Arizona, they'd be in an incredible position compared to where they were just a month ago.

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Hey, that went pretty well again!

Welcome to another edition of The CougCenter Hour, this time after a pretty resounding defeat of the Oregon State Beavers in Pullman. We'll go back over that first half and what it means for this team moving forward.

Then, it's time to look ahead to another winnable game this weekend against the Arizona Wildcats. Jason Bartel, editor of AZ Desert Swarm, will join us to talk about where the Wildcats are and what scares him about Washington State rolling into town on Saturday.

We'll spend the second half of our show wondering aloud why anyone should've expected WSU fans to root for Washington last Saturday and why their surprise that they didn't is ... surprising.

As always, we wrap up with The Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything.

Thanks for listening!