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Prospect of Gameday has Wazzu internet ablaze

After seeing the WSU flag waved at 170 straight episodes, fans are excited by the possibility of hosting College Gameday

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With the news that Gameday could finally be coming to Pullman in a matter of days, the people who make sure Ol' Crimson gets to the show every week have been busy. The first person to wave the flag, Tom Pounds, talked to cougfan, and Cameron Mccoy, the coordinator of the Ol' Crimson booster club, got interviewed by Kelsey Jones of Campush Rush and Austin Vaughn at

Can anyone blame fans for getting excited for the prospect of Gameday? I sure don't think so. Last week marked the 170th straight episode of Gameday with Ol' Crimson. Fans have been waiting for this for years, and now they can taste it. One of my friends first proposed the "what if..." scenario of the show coming to Pullman on Halloween the Sunday after the Oregon win.

A Coug win against the Wildcats will be huge because it pushes to WSU to 5-2 on this season. For some fans it will be bigger because it puts WSU in position to host everyone's favorite Saturday morning college football show.

A win doesn't guarantee the show, however, and a win is far from certain. The way people have been talking about this game makes it easy to forget that Cougs are going in as touchdown underdogs. Even if they do escape from Tucson with a victory, there are a couple of games that could steal the spotlight from Pullman.

The obvious alternative choice is Notre Dame traveling to Temple. Both teams will be ranked and Temple has started 7-0 for the first time in school yesterday. East Carolina could have done the Cougs a favor Thursday night but the Pirates fell to the Owls 24-14.

While Chris Fowler isn't with the show any more, his tweet after the Temple win didn't do much to raise hopes.

A popular conversation around the Wazzu community this week has been if the Gameday does actually come to WSU, does Ol' Crimson keep flying every week? The man in charge, Mccoy, appears to have no plans of stopping the tradition. I haven't heard a lot of opposition to that viewpoint, but lets open the discussion. If Gameday comes to Pullman, should the flag continue to fly, and if not, at what point should the flag stop making the weekly cross country trip?



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