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WSU vs. Arizona gambling odds: Sharp money is coming in on the Cougs

The Cougs opened as 8.5-point underdogs. That line has now fallen by 3 points, as the vast majority of the betting public is siding with WSU.

Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

From the start, WSU fans have thought of today's game with Arizona as a bit of a toss up -- two teams with excellent offenses and suspect defenses sporting similar records.

Las Vegas didn't initially see it that way; the Wildcats opened as 8.5-point favorites over the Cougars, with the money line opening at WSU +250. It didn't take long for the sharp money to start coming in on WSU, and the line started dropping almost immediately. It dropped a full point within two hours, and a point and a half within 24 hours (via the Vegas Insider consensus line):

WSU-Arizona opening line trend

The line hung out around 7 and 7.5 this week, but has again seen a sharp drop this morning. WSU is now just a 5.5-point underdog today, and your money line bet will now only net you +190:

WSU-Arizona late line trend

Maybe Vegas has been flooded with Cougs this morning looking to jump all over what they perceive to be an inflated line against their team? Or maybe the sharps just waited to lay their money down. Whatever it is, you can see a huge amount of money has come in on WSU:

WSU-Arizona betting trend

WSU has traditionally played well on the road under Mike Leach, and that includes a last-minute win against Rutgers, a close loss to Cal and an overtime win against Oregon this season. Combined with the fact that advanced metrics see these two teams as relative equals, it shouldn't be any surprise that a lot of people are betting on the Cougs to at least make this a competitive game.