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The CougCenter Hour: Rivals' Andy Drukarev talks Stanford, Britton Ransford talks Falk's bonkers season

There's an awful lot to digest before WSU meets up with No. 8 Stanford for their most important game in nearly a decade. Lets get to it.

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Welcome to this week's edition of The CougCenter Hour coming off another huge win for your 5-2 Washington State Cougars in Tucson. We'll go back over and relive the week that was in our opening and talk about the importance of what's coming up this week against the No. 8 Stanford Cardinal.

Speaking over the kings of the North, we sit down with Andy Drukarev from Rivals who covers the Cardinal. We'll chat about what has made Stanford so effective on offense this year and what Luke Falk and company might be able to exploit from Halloween evening.

Then, our very own Britton Ransford stops by to expand a little more on the ridiculous season Falk is having thus far. We're talkin' historically stupid numbers here, folks.

As always, we end with our Dunderhead of the week (the only thing semi-GameDay related!) and Ask Michael Anything.

Thanks for listening!