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The CougCenter Hour: Ryan Thorburn from the Eugene Register-Guard talks Ducks

The most winnable game against the Ducks since the Cougs last upset them in 2006 is on its way this weekend. We preview it and take a look at why Myles Jack should absolutely be bolting from Westwood now.

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A pretty tough loss for the Cougs in Berkeley last weekend, giving away a game they had pretty thoroughly dominated for a quarter and a half. We'll talk about what that loss meant in the larger context of the season and what might be hanging over our head as we continue into Week Six/Game Five.

Afterwards, we'll sit down with Ryan Thorburn from the Eugene Register-Guard to talk about the reeling Ducks. This is probably the best opportunity WSU has had to beat Oregon since the last time they did it in 2006 and Thorburn says there's a better than zero chance it happens!

Then, we'll get into Myles Jack's decision to leave UCLA now for the NFL Draft and why he's absolutely right in doing it. We finish things, as usual, with the Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything.

Thanks again for listening!