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The CougCenter Hour: Ernie Kent and June Daugherty preview WSU basketball

Both basketball coaches sit down with the CougCenter Hour to talk about the upcoming season.

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Two CougCenter Hours in a week. Dang, I really like you guys.

Welcome to our second CougCenter Hour and this is a special one. As part of our preview for the upcoming basketball season here at CougCenter, I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with the head coaches of both teams.

First, we'll talk to Ernie Kent about what he expects from a junior and senior heavy squad as they try to navigate their way through a still difficult Pac-12 conference. Then, we sit down with June Daugherty ahead of her ninth season at the helm of WSU's women's team. What's the plan for replacing nearly two-thirds of their scoring and how will the switch to four, 10 minute quarters effect them? We'll get to all that and more!

Plus, we wrap it up with an Ask Michael Anything question I've been neglecting for weeks. Thanks for listening!