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Apple Cup 2015: It's Husky joke time

A staple of Hate Week here on CougCenter: our annual gathering of the Husky jokes.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Every year when we do this post, I promise I'll lead off with something different. I really do. But, like a UW sorority pledge to cheap chardonnay, I keep getting drawn back in.

I try to make it a little bit further into the video each time I see it to appreciate the full majesty of their parents' living room where this was clearly taped and yet, I always end up hurling my computer off a balcony because killing this video with fire simply isn't enough.

Same as last year though, lets see how far you can make it through. Winner gets Rick Neuheisel's "Locks of the Week" for your upcoming trip to Vegas.

By the way, did you know the University of Washington has over 40,000 students who attend classes at their Seattle campus? It's true! Not that you'd know that based on how many of those students show up to football games.

Look, I know Chris "My Favorite Dessert Is Plain Vanilla Ice Cream and Tap Water" Petersen's team isn't quite up to snuff yet, but just remember that 1991 National Championship you won*! It could happen again**! Keep bringing it up, too. That never gets old***!

*Shared with Miami

**LOL just kidding. See you in the Potato Bowl or whatever they play in Boise.

***You guys talk about the past as often as I hit the prime rib counter in a buffet.

But I guess Washington has won two-thirds of the games they've played against WSU. That's pretty neato. I mean, WSU has been bad. A lot. But we've never lost to you 12 straight times. I mean, if we'd done that and we still considered ourselves your rival, that'd be pretty friggin' dumb right? Right? Guys, where are you going?

You know what though, I'll give you guys one thing. Tradition is what's really important to you. It's definitely the mo---

OH COME ON! You can't even manage to leave the black chevrons off what was one of the best looks in college football. Yeesh. Oh, and sweet "kings of the northwest' tab at the top of the numbers or whatever it is. Remind when you last won a conference championship, again?

To sum up: Ty Willingham


Now, it's your turn to leave us your jokes. So, yanno ... do it.

(Leave Jerramy Stevens, Hope Solo, Amanda Knox and Ted Bundy out of it though, please. Also, if you want to get your "Fuskie", "Mutts", etc. out, feel free to do so in this thread.)