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Apple Cup 2015 odds: Luke Falk's injury means no line yet

We're still waiting on Apple Cup odds, and might be waiting a bit thanks to a key injury.

William Mancebo/Getty Images

We're still waiting for 2015 Apple Cup odds, and for good reason. With Luke Falk's status completely up in the air after he was carted off the field on Saturday against Colorado, Vegas is going to take its time setting a line for the Apple Cup matchup against Washington. This is common with injuries that can have a significant impact on a final score, and Falk's status certainly fits the bill.

As has become customary this season, the Cougars did not practice on Sunday night. This means that the earliest chance to get a look at Falk, and whether he even takes the practice field, is later on Monday. And even then, none of that will likely make it clear whether he'll play or not. So we'll continue to wait for odds.

For context, though, Vegas was expected to set the line on the Apple Cup at Washington -3. Put more simply, this means Vegas was looking at the game essentially as a toss-up, with Washington getting the customary three-point homefield advantage. Take Falk out of the equation, though, and that line probably moves towards Washington even more. If he's fine and can somehow go, it's likely the line stays in that -3 range -- neither team probably did anything to drastically change that on Saturday.

You might be upset that Washington would be favored in the Apple Cup despite having a worse record, and despite the Cougs surging. You would probably be right, but if you're using the odds as a guidepost and looking for some hope, I'll direct you to this:


Why yes, the Cougs are beating the spread nicely this year.

We'll be back whenever the Apple Cup line is released.