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'Ol Crimson's signature flag goes missing at Oklahoma State's ESPN College GameDay

The signature flag, which has accompanied 'Ol Crimson each season to 176 consecutive ESPN College GameDay sites, has gone missing.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend in Stillwater, Okla., 'Ol Crimson and the Gray flag, as always, waved proudly in the background of ESPN College GameDay's set for the 176th consecutive week, however we have a major problem, as this season's signature flag has gone missing.

The signature flag, which accompanies both the 'Ol Crimson and Gray flag to every GameDay site for wavers to sign, has not been recovered after its Bedlam appearance, according to the official Twitter site for 'Ol Crimson.

For one hundred and seventy six consecutive weeks, WSU alums, friends and family have made it their mission to ensure 'Ol Crimson, the greatest flag in sports, waves proudly each and every Saturday. And once again this season, each and every one of those flag wavers signed the signature flag to commemorate this achievement.

'Ol Crimson and the Gray flag will, of course, be waving proudly outside Lucas Oil Stadium for the Big 10 Championship this weekend, marking its 177th consecutive appearance on the popular show, but we need your help spreading the word to find the flag. No questions asked.