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Cougar football team departs for El Paso

The Cougs began to long journey south, and slightly east, on Monday.

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Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good afternoon, Cougar fans. For many of you, today is the start of a short work week. Luckily for me, I don't have to make any more doughnuts until after the new year. For the WSU football team, today is travel day, as they depart for El Paso in preparation to face Miami on December 26. The Cougs will leave the cold and snowy weather of Pullman and be greeted by sun and temps in the mid-60s when they arrive.

As you can see from the tweet below, there is still plenty of snow on the ground in Pullman. As you can also see, Tavares Martin looks like he isn't old enough to qualify for a driver's permit, let alone play major college football.

Sophomore defensive back Dakota Sinchak, who has some seriously awesome flowing locks, showed off some of the Sun Bowl gear the players will be wearing on the trip. Aside: I think he has great hair, but my hair hasn't touched my ears since 1993, so I'm not exactly an expert.

So, uh, I want a pair of those shoes, in that color, like, yesterday. One other thing you may have noticed is the color black is quite prominent in the clothing the team was issued. While many of us are decidedly against the Cougars ever wearing black on the field, I must admit that the gear the guys are wearing looks pretty darn sharp. Something tells me the players are happy with it too.

If you'd like to get some Sun Bowl gear of your own, there are a few places to do so. The Sun Bowl's parent website finally got a few things up for sale, after days of having zilch to offer. You can look at the sparse selection here. The Crimson and Gray store has a nice-looking shirt here, and the Bookie has a few selections here. My quest to find a Sun Bowl coffee mug continues.

If you're wondering what the weather will be like next Saturday, the early forecast is cloudy throughout the day, with a 60% chance of rain showers in the afternoon. In other words, just your typical Sun Bowl weather. Go Cougs.

UPDATE: The equipment truck has arrived in El Paso. No word on whether the crew will head to Cattleman's Steakhouse once they're done unloading.

UPDATE #2: The team is on the plane. I REPEAT, the team is on the plane.

I have to assume that freshmen occupy all middle seats. We will continue to update this developing story as details warrant.