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There's something special at the end of the Sun Bowl highlight video

A game ball goes to Brody Brown in a special moment after the Sun Bowl

The Sun Bowl highlights from the official Washington State Cougars site are embedded above. They're great as usual, and capture the scene in El Paso as the Cougars beat Miami, 20-14, to finish the season 9-4. You'll see the usual pregame dancing and a bunch of good highlights from the Cougar win.

You'll also see the celebration in the locker room, complete with plenty of dancing. This team likes to dance, as we've seen all year, and have had plenty of reasons to do that. It's great and happy and a really fun scene to end the season.

And then, right at the end of the video, things get serious for a minute. By now you probably know the story of WSU assistant strength coach Tyson Brown's son, Brody. A few weeks back, we learned his son has cancer. Since then, everyone has rallied around Brody, especially the team.

So watch to the end of the video, where you'll see Mike Leach say a few words while giving out the game ball to Tyson's son as the team chants Brody's name. Pretty cool moment, and shows how much of a family this team has become.