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Gabe Marks is coming back to school to finish some business

He set a goal when he came to Washington State, and after the loss to Stanford he decided it was time to return and make a run at it.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

We've been wondering for weeks whether Gabe Marks would forgo his final season at Washington State and enter the draft. And shortly after the Cougars won the Sun Bowl, we got our answer from the man himself.

As it turns out, Marks made up his mind months ago. While Marks was surely in line to be drafted, he instead has some business to attend to in Pullman. That shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone, considering his personality.

Marks, more than just about any Washington State player I've seen recently, clearly and vocally uses any perceived slight as motivation. He wants the yardage, the touchdowns, the records and the accolades. And most of all, he wants to win and to do something special at Washington State.

He, like many of us, feels the Cougars are on the cusp of something special. So he's going to do all he can to finish the job he set out to do four years ago.

Get ready. Gabe Marks is coming back, and if he's shown us anything it's that he's coming back to ball the hell out.