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National Signing Day 2015: CougCenter's all-day live chat!

Let the faxes fly! You've got thoughts. You've got questions. Join CougCenter for a 2015 National Signing Day live chat.

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A full list of signed LOIs

well you win some and lose others [12:47 AM]:

When will this be closed?

wazzu93 [8:43 PM]:

@erikrussel Last I read they had the #27 class.

erikrussel [7:42 PM]:

Well we dominated Colorado and Oregon State they have zero 4 stars combined

erikrussel [7:16 PM]:

Did UW do good today?

tjzoom [6:02 PM]:

Little dissappointed, but still optimistic with this class. Coming off a 3-win season, I think this is a step in the right direction. Losing Simmons hurts (both in terms of recruiting, obviously, but also tangibly with the team), but I am confident we can get a decent hire.

SethCougar [5:47 PM]:

After the Grinch hire, I’d hope we bring in a PROVEN commodity to replace Simmons, as receivers are the focal point of our offense.

SethCougar [5:46 PM]:

@wazzu93 Essentially nothing. Bud Withers asked where Leach thought it originated and Leach responded “It Originated here, today”. I get the point, that it was confirmed today, but it’s been a rumor for about a week, and a costly one in my eyes.

wazzu93 [5:43 PM]:

@SethCougar What did he say?

hollyweirdcoug [5:41 PM]:

@erikrussel Nat’l rank is somewhat dubious- Cougs had #21 one time, but it was a team average of 2.68— this year we sit right now at 2.96

Kyle Sherwood [5:38 PM]:

@SethCougar it should also be mentioned that while two of Wulff’s classes were in the low-40’s, a great deal of the kids never made it to campus.

SethCougar [5:35 PM]:

Leach’s response to how the Simmons Departure leaked was ridiculous haha.

Mark Sandritter [5:32 PM]:

SethCougar [5:29 PM]:

Here is what I saw, posted yesterday:

WinOrLoseCougsBooze [5:27 PM]:

@SethCougar Thank you for the info! That’s great news.

SethCougar [5:27 PM]:

@WinOrLoseCougsBooze Don’t know where I saw it but Rudinski is signing at 5 ish, with the expectation being the Cougs.

SethCougar [5:26 PM]:

@erikrussel As was mentioned before by Britton, the amount of Power 5 offers by the players we have locked down is WAY Higher than ALL of Wulff’s recruits combined.

WinOrLoseCougsBooze [5:25 PM]:

Simmons really boned us huh? No worries, this is still a great class. Sucks Rudinski is still nowhere to be found.

erikrussel [5:23 PM]:

@Kyle Sherwood Oh great this class is worse than I thought then. These players have to be better than the player Wulf recruited though who didn’t even belong on the same field as the other PAC teams we’d play

Glenn Duggan [5:23 PM]:

Leach just confirmed that Simmons is gone.

Glenn Duggan [5:22 PM]:

You think Simmons has left town already? Packed up and gone?

Mark Sandritter [5:22 PM]:

SethCougar [5:22 PM]:

Confirmed Simmons to Oklahoma

Kyle Sherwood [5:20 PM]:

@erikrussel Scout ranks Wulff’s three main classes (2009-11) 43rd, 41st and 57th, respectively.

erikrussel [5:16 PM]:

Does anyone know what Wulf’s highest ranked class was?

hollyweirdcoug [5:06 PM]:

  1. on Scout right now. Most importantly, a 2.96 average… that number has never been higher. Sure would love to climb over 3.

SethCougar [5:06 PM]:

Press Conference started for you guys?

hollyweirdcoug [4:47 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter thanks

Mark Sandritter [4:47 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [4:47 PM]:

Would drop to one open spot if Rudinski signs.

Mark Sandritter [4:46 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug Two open if they are counting Singleton, Priester, Luani, Mitchell and Hilinski all in 2015 like it appears they are.

hollyweirdcoug [4:45 PM]:

Mark what’s the count right now? How many slots open?

Mark Sandritter [4:43 PM]:

@sheddiwarrior A preferred walk with the unwritten promise of a scholarship after a year.

hollyweirdcoug [4:40 PM]:

Most all the guys I know who scout this HS stuff are baffled by Burnett’s move…as of last night he was gonna be a Coug. Odd.

erikrussel [4:39 PM]:

@sheddiwarrior Prefered walk on I guess

sheddiwarrior [4:37 PM]:

what is a blueshirt?

SethCougar [4:31 PM]:

Well I think I’ll call it a day on this. Like I said, I think the class is actually pretty good, especially in areas of need. Hard to take the gut shots of the flips that make no sense, but I’m satisfied with what we have, especially after a 3-9 season.

hollyweirdcoug [4:31 PM]:

Great instant help in Luani, Broughton, Mitchell and Porter for the D- perhaps Toki in rotation. Solid foundational OL HSers too.

Mark Sandritter [4:31 PM]:

Yrrals Larry [4:27 PM]:

@SethCougar Dennis Simmons was recruiting him anyway… figures

Mark Sandritter [4:26 PM]:

My guess would be they stay at 24 (or 23 if Rudinski doesn’t sign) and let academics sort out. If someone doesn’t qualify elsewhere WSU has a spot, like with Leniu last year. Worst case you have an extra spot for a mid-year transfer next season.

SethCougar [4:24 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot Haney signed with Utah State, no?

j_danielo [4:24 PM]:

Tyler Horton now has Florida after him, doubt we can/would snag him.

Mark Sandritter [4:23 PM]:

Hey at least we didn’t lose a recruit to Idaho this year and have his dad say WSU was out recruited. Progress.

Yrrals Larry [4:23 PM]:

I am guessing they already are headed elsewhere, just hoping they were holding out for a spot maybe?

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [4:21 PM]:

I’d take Haney,

Yrrals Larry [4:21 PM]:

Here is the other kid I saw-

Yrrals Larry [4:20 PM]:

@erikrussel I am not sure if he is related?

erikrussel [4:19 PM]:

@Yrrals Larry Fuck yah I loved Demonte bring baby bro in the fold

Yrrals Larry [4:15 PM]:

That is at least a need in WR I also saw cameron haney and Tyler Horton (is he related to Damante?)

Mark Sandritter [4:15 PM]:

WSU’s 11 decommits have an average 247 Sports rating of 86.3. The signed 21 average 83.3.

hollyweirdcoug [4:13 PM]:

Focus on gains. This is an awesome set of OL guys for the Cougs. Two top 10 Cali guards. 1 top 20 Cali tackle- 4 west coast top 100 guys added. Plust eh

SethCougar [4:12 PM]:

@Yrrals Larry This is one that was mentioned in chat with Britton:

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [4:12 PM]:

I’m pretty worried about outside WRs, oddly…

Yrrals Larry [4:11 PM]:

Anyone one that we can pick up and fill in the blanks spaces? 24/7 has a couple of CB

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [4:09 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Thanks… but yeah, that makes me feel even crappier about the current situation.

Mark Sandritter [4:08 PM]:

Losing Simmons to OU while keeping all his recruits would have sucked a lot. Losing Simmons AND having all the recruits go elsewhere is gut punch.

Mark Sandritter [4:08 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot Simmons has always been solid. The majority of Southern California recruits are his. Marks, Allison, LaRue, etc, etc.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [4:07 PM]:

Does anyone know or remember Simmons’ recruiting from past years? The distraction of him maybe getting an offer from somewhere else would definitely hurt his recruiting efforts, even if it’s not intentional….

SethCougar [4:04 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot This would be my justification for letting him go if things with OU don’t pan out. If every recruit you target bails, you aren’t working out.

hollyweirdcoug [4:02 PM]:

@SethCougar Powell is WAYskinny. Toki might ‘have to’ play. Mattox? Nah, we are loaded at that size and slot for out DL. Glad to have him hit the iron.

SethCougar [4:01 PM]:

@Yrrals Larry I’m inclined to believe that someone at OU said it to Green to encourage him to flip, and somewhere along the line that got out.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [4:01 PM]:

yeah, Simmons has done some good stuff, but to have every recruit he worked on bail looks pretty crappy for him, in my totally uneducated opinion

hollyweirdcoug [4:00 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter thanks for the quick info!

Yrrals Larry [3:59 PM]:

@SethCougar I agree, I think it is more likely that someone at OU leaked it in a recruiting battle. They maybe didn’t even intend to, but it got out.

SethCougar [3:59 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug Via Britton: BKRansford: In my signing day projections, I said Rudinski, Sweet, Toki and possibly Mattox could see the field as freshman. Powell possibly, too. He’s a rock at safety.

SethCougar [3:58 PM]:

@erikrussel He made Mayle what he is, and I don’t think you can really lay blame on him for that information leaking. It’s part of the game to move on to other opportunities. Just really crappy timing for this info to leak.

hollyweirdcoug [3:58 PM]:

He has a frame and wheels that could play special teams right away. Although I love RSing all frosh.

Mark Sandritter [3:57 PM]:

That’s the latest on Rudinski who is probably the only player still in question.

Mark Sandritter [3:57 PM]:

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:57 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug it seems like we’ll still get him, just not till tomorrow I think

Mark Sandritter [3:57 PM]:


hollyweirdcoug [3:56 PM]:

Any word on Rudinski? I want him because I have seen him play his whole career…

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:56 PM]:

@SethCougar hasn’t been updated. We don’t have 24 committs still, I think

erikrussel [3:55 PM]:

@SethCougar I hope he gets black balled from the coaching community

SethCougar [3:55 PM]:

BTW: I’ll feel better if I just look at the Scout Rating: #34 STILL!

OlyCoug [3:54 PM]:

@Stiffmiester – Win! They’ll come.

SethCougar [3:54 PM]:

I think the really disheartening part in all of this is that a lot of this can be attributed to the Simmons Drama. Big time question: If Simmons doesn’t move on to OU (because they don’t end up offering it to him) Does Leach keep him on?

Stiffmiester [3:53 PM]:

It’s because we don’t run the ball enough

cougar troll [3:53 PM]:

But what about our facilities? Bad investment?

well you win some and lose others [3:53 PM]:

Or I should say Fidy

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:50 PM]:

@cj2235 that’s true, it definitely stings more that it was <24 hours away from being much, much better.

SethCougar [3:50 PM]:

@cj2235 I think in time we find out a lot of this was not wanting to be all the way out in the Palouse. Tezino confirmed being close to home played a huge part. Sometimes it’s just hard to rip kids from their comfort zone.

well you win some and lose others [3:48 PM]:

FIFTY FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cj2235 [3:48 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot the thing is, I don’t expect 5* guys to come to Pullman very often. Or even all 4* recruits, but to lose them to the likes of SJSU and SDSU is just mind-blowing.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:48 PM]:

class is ranked 10th in the PAC12…

Yrrals Larry [3:48 PM]:

any thoughts on who we will fill the remaining 4 slots with?

SethCougar [3:48 PM]:

As we all know if we hold half those teams we played to under 24 we win a majority of our games last year. The patch-job players we are bringing in and the Redshirt players from last year have the potential to do that. We win more than 6 games next year, we walk away with alot of these last minute flips.

Mark Sandritter [3:48 PM]:

To be clear, WSU is still bringing in a very solid class, especially off a 3-9 season. The only problem is the class was nearly much better. This is about as much as a team can limp into a top 50 class.

erikrussel [3:47 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot “Belong” seems a bit harsh

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:45 PM]:

@CougsNation Also, I think it serves as a harsh reminder that we belong in the bottom half of the PAC, in recruiting and in wins.

Neil Vincent Roberts [3:45 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others yup, crap

CougsNation [3:43 PM]:

@SethCougar Exactly! This class has some studs on the team that can make some immediate impact. The reason why we are all grumbling is the fact that 2 weeks ago, this class was on the verge of a top 25.

well you win some and lose others [3:43 PM]:

Uh….. Look again Neil, it just updated.

erikrussel [3:43 PM]:

@SethCougar I think we’ll be better in 2 years I just don’t see how we’ll be better in the W/L next year no matter how well today went

SethCougar [3:43 PM]:

@erikrussel We got some ballers who can contribute now via the DL, Saftey(!!!!!), and CB

SethCougar [3:42 PM]:

@erikrussel Let’s not proclaim sky is falling. We landed some important pieces to the puzzle of making a winning team.

Neil Vincent Roberts [3:42 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others still nope, it’s still sitting at No. 45;ylt=AwrSbmsuT9JUmLcAiYdXNyoA;ylu=X3oDMTEzZXNmMXBpBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMgRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDQ0M18x

erikrussel [3:41 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Is that still better than Wulff’s classes at least?

well you win some and lose others [3:41 PM]:

Superb Owl was exciting though.

well you win some and lose others [3:40 PM]:

Neil, you mean was….

erikrussel [3:40 PM]:

@sbenson Well I don’t see how we’ll be better. We’ll almost assuredly see a slip in QB play. We lost our best WR. Our best DL. Our best DB.

Mark Sandritter [3:40 PM]:

The class still looks like it will be top 50 but low 40s for sure.

Michael Preston [3:40 PM]:


cj2235 [3:39 PM]:

What a disappointing week so far….first the Super Bowl and now this?

sbenson [3:38 PM]:

We need W’s next year to turn the page in recruiting. We have the coach, we have the facilities, now we just need the wins.

sbenson [3:36 PM]:

We’ll most likely slip to the mid 50’s.

SethCougar [3:36 PM]:

Honestly I feel like Momma Mason just got a new house via a SJSU “Charitable Donation”. That is the level of my absolute skeptic bewilderment.

Neil Vincent Roberts [3:35 PM]:

@erikrussel Yahoo/Rivals has the Cougs ranked at 45 right now

erikrussel [3:34 PM]:

Is our class still going to be in the top 50? Will even be able to sign a full class still?

Mark Sandritter [3:33 PM]:

Not a lot surprises me in recruiting, because it’s always B-A-N-A-N-A-S. But losing Mason to SJSU has me gobsmacked.

Wyrggle [3:29 PM]:

My dog rolled in poop this morning, I figured my day could only get better from there.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:28 PM]:

@SethCougar smells like there’s some dumpster mixed in with the tires…

SethCougar [3:28 PM]:

@Michael Preston Legit LOL

Stiffmiester [3:28 PM]:

Maybe it’s time to require Yost to step up big on recruiting

SethCougar [3:27 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot Too late. This tire fire is ablazing!

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:27 PM]:

@Stiffmiester maybe the replacement will be a huge let down, and he wanted to do everything in his power to keep signing day from dissolving into a ridiculous tire fire…

Michael Preston [3:27 PM]:

@Stiffmiester It’s just gunna be one of the new recruits. “Hey kids, come to WSU where you can play AND coach!”

Yrrals Larry [3:26 PM]:

at least this happened…

Zane Murfitt [3:26 PM]:

Stiffmiester [3:26 PM]:

Keep reading that Leach has Simmons’ replacement queued up. I wish he would let that rumor fly about a week ago

SethCougar [3:25 PM]:

Enough to make you throw up:

erikrussel [3:25 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others Likely

well you win some and lose others [3:24 PM]:

Do you think it is a combo? Sark is tampering with our recruits and the Simmons rumors.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:24 PM]:

Well, at least now I can be sad and pessimistic up until spring ball, rather than being excited for the future.

SethCougar [3:23 PM]:

Welp. This was an utterly disappointing day. Started off really well with the Fehoko signing, then pulled a Hindenburg, and inside that burning zepplin was poop. Yup that just about sums it up.

erikrussel [3:22 PM]:

Worst signing day ever

Mark Sandritter [3:22 PM]:

Updated our Mason post with that

Mark Sandritter [3:22 PM]:


WSU football recruiting: Taeon Mason flips to … San Jose State

The 4-star commit flipped on signing day and is headed to the Mountain West.

.:R [3:22 PM]:


well you win some and lose others [3:21 PM]:

Football has lost its innocence.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:21 PM]:

this one has not been kind to us.

Zane Murfitt [3:20 PM]:

Signing day in gif form

Michael Preston [3:20 PM]:

I’m just sittin’ over here, looking at our class rankings like:

well you win some and lose others [3:19 PM]:

SJSU must have a great one.

.:R [3:19 PM]:

do we have an anti-bag man?

Yrrals Larry [3:19 PM]:

@CarolinaCoug It just seems like we should have a bigger number of WR’s looking at us and like @erikrussel said good ones should be giving us a look. A number would still pick elsewhere.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:19 PM]:


well you win some and lose others [3:18 PM]:

Something is fishy…

Michael Preston [3:18 PM]:

Do SJSU even have a bag man?

.:R [3:18 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [3:18 PM]:

Tezino flips to SDSU and Mason flips to SJSU? Ok then.

SethCougar [3:17 PM]:

@Michael Preston ……. What … Just… Happened….

Mark Sandritter [3:17 PM]:


.:R [3:17 PM]:


Michael Preston [3:16 PM]:

I don’t understand anything anymore:

Mark Sandritter [3:16 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [3:15 PM]:

Jesse Cassino [3:15 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot IF WE CAN’T HAVE THEM NO ONE CAN /hacks all fax lines.

XSavage [3:14 PM]:

Air-raid needs at least 4 outside receivers. Will they be there come fall?

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:12 PM]:

but Wazzu is the best fit for everybody…. always. It’s sad to see these kids not understand that.

Jesse Cassino [3:11 PM]:

@Yrrals Larry What makes you think he didn’t take that into consideration? He could weigh that against the myriad other factors that go into recruiting and still come to the conclusion that USC is the best fit for him.

Yrrals Larry [3:10 PM]:

@Kyle Sherwood Maybe, but I did see this

SethCougar [3:09 PM]:

@Yrrals Larry Maybe he just really wants to watch a National Championship game…. from the sidelines.

Yrrals Larry [3:07 PM]:

@erikrussel It isn’t like the other receivers weren’t thrown to either and 8-9 of them play a lot. Seriously, I understand why a RB may be tentative, but a WR should be at least taking those touches into consideration.

Kyle Sherwood [3:07 PM]:

@Yrrals Larry to be fair to our friends at ConquestChronicles, we’re not really talking about our walk-ons, either.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [3:05 PM]:

@erikrussel and yet, none of them do….

erikrussel [3:05 PM]:

@SethCougar Vince Mayle got like 200 passes throw at him last year. Did recruits not see this. If you’re a stud outside WR you can have the time of your life in our system. All the 5* WRs should want to play for us

Yrrals Larry [3:04 PM]:

@SethCougar That was my point. I also am glad we put a picture of our preferred walk-ons up and welcome them. They are cougs now and I am happy for them.

SethCougar [3:03 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Which makes his decision to pay to play in an ocean full of talent even more mind-bottling

Mark Sandritter [3:01 PM]:

@Yrrals Larry Easy to get lost in a sea of 5-stars

Yrrals Larry [3:00 PM]:

Deontay Burnett is not even mentioned over on the USC page. They really don’t seem to care.

Mark Sandritter [2:59 PM]:

From this, it appears Rudinski will be signing a little later

Mark Sandritter [2:59 PM]:

Really just waiting on Rudinski, Mason and Fehoko’s paperwork to hit

erikrussel [2:58 PM]:

@Michael Preston Air Raid 2.0

Michael Preston [2:58 PM]:

BRB, gunna go help the coaches by slidin’ into recruits DMs like:

Mark Sandritter [2:55 PM]:


WSU football recruiting: What's going on with Taeon Mason?

The 4-star commit hasn’t signed yet, leading to plenty of speculation.

.:R [2:54 PM]:

@Samsinite and he would be correct

Samsinite [2:53 PM]:

@Ryan Eames baby snoop’s dad also might think that UCLA has a better program currently

.:R [2:53 PM]:

aaaaaaand UCLA up to #7 class in country, good lawd

.:R [2:53 PM]:

so, baby snoop to UCLA…..his daddy has always been big on USC should be fun

SethCougar [2:53 PM]:

@erikrussel It’ll be thin if we don’t land a good crop next year, but I think we could easily do a spot-fill with a JUCO WR like we did with Mayle to bolster the class.

Samsinite [2:52 PM]:

I don’t get why these WR’s at the last minute decide that they don’t want to play for a Leach coached team. Just doesn’t make sense

Michael Preston [2:52 PM]:

@erikrussel everyone is just gunna line up between the hashmarks and we’ll run meshes

erikrussel [2:51 PM]:

@SethCougar Oh right and only 2 years to play 2 right? The outside WR position is going to be a problem down the road it seems.

cj2235 [2:51 PM]:

Thx Jeff

Yrrals Larry [2:50 PM]:

@VancouverCoug I am not sure it was simmons at fault in the leak.

Jeff Nusser [2:50 PM]:

@cj2235 Yes.

VancouverCoug [2:49 PM]:

I understand there are reasons for Simmons leaving, but letting it out a week before signing day is shady. Hopefully Leach will have sone grad assistant back up his office into a couple trash bags and leave them out on Stadium Way

Skurskicoug [2:49 PM]:

@SethCougar very possible.

SethCougar [2:49 PM]:

Wonder if Mason is waiting to see if Marshall signs to USC before he makes a decision.

SethCougar [2:46 PM]:

@erikrussel Dimry signed. Has potential, but pretty rough.

Mark Sandritter [2:46 PM]:

@erikrussel Dimry

Yrrals Larry [2:46 PM]:

I am thinking someone inside of the OK program was the leaker. Maybe a passing remark in a visit etc.

erikrussel [2:46 PM]:

Did we sign anyone outside WRs or did they all leave us

Michael Preston [2:46 PM]:

I wouldn’t be nearly as disappointed if I were at a parade right now.

.:R [2:45 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot yeah, but at this point I wouldn’t put too much stock in Mason :(

OlyCoug [2:45 PM]:

@Yrrals Larry – it’s likely familiarity with OC Lincoln Reilly, having worked together and reportedly twice the money he’s currently making at WSU.

Michael Preston [2:45 PM]:

@Yrrals Larry correct, Green flipped to OU. He’s from Moore anyhow though.

Yrrals Larry [2:44 PM]:

@SethCougar Didn’t one of our commits go to Oklahoma? I wonder who might have leaked it?

cj2235 [2:43 PM]:

Question: I know you have to sit out a year if you transfer from one FBS school to another, does that include players that are not on scholarship?

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:42 PM]:

Oh, and the few 5 star guys to flip to us right before signing…

SethCougar [2:42 PM]:

The Dennis Simmons drama is frustrating to say the least. Talk about poisoning the water hole. Whoever “leaked” the move to OU singlehandedly dropped WSU’s class 20+ spots.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:42 PM]:

just waiting on Mason, Rudinski to sign, right?

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:42 PM]:

I doubt that Simmons is leaving cuz of Grinch…. there’s just no overlap there

Yrrals Larry [2:41 PM]:

Anyone wonder if the coaches are upset at the DC hire? I wonder because he was so young and basically a lot of the guys on staff had as much experience. I realize Simmons is an offensive guy, but it might be part of his rational in maybe leaving.

Mark Sandritter [2:41 PM]:

@cj2235 Coaching staying through signing day is standard operating procedure. Typically done so classes done dissolve. For whatever reason, Simmons leaving leaked out and this is the result.

sbenson [2:40 PM]:

Well, that does it. This class will surely drop into the high 40’s, low 50’s now. So much for a top 30 class. Why can’t we have nice things?

Jesse Cassino [2:40 PM]:

@cj2235 That might not be his choice. can’t start a job you’re not yet hired for.

Skurskicoug [2:40 PM]:

Leach has to be PISSED!

cj2235 [2:39 PM]:

If all this is happening because of the possibility of Simmons leaving for OU, I’m gonna be pissed. If you’re going to bail, go. Don’t stick around just in case and screw it up for the rest.

.:R [2:38 PM]:

@SethCougar that is the worst

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:38 PM]:

Yep, done with Simmons.

Yrrals Larry [2:38 PM]:

How are his grades? maybe he is getting a lot of help there, so football doesn’t have to spend a scholarship.

.:R [2:38 PM]:

@Michael Preston I feel bad for him.

CougsNation [2:38 PM]:

I’m calling it now. Deontay Burnett ends up transferring out of there. You heard it here first.

SethCougar [2:38 PM]:


Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:38 PM]:

I’m. So. Sad.

Michael Preston [2:37 PM]:

@Ryan Eames Oh, and it’s Sark so that agreement is TOTALLY set in stone]. /fart noise

.:R [2:37 PM]:

That’s just gotta seem like the worst to the kid. USC: “we like you a lot, but not like you like you. so you pay us for a year, then we will see if we really like you like you later and will give you money”

OlyCoug [2:37 PM]:

@Michael Preston – That’s what I’ve been saying for the last few days.

joelgwsu [2:36 PM]:

@Kyle Sherwood How many coffee cups does it take to cover a year of tuition at USC?

Mark Sandritter [2:36 PM]:


WSU football recruiting 2015: Deontay Burnett flips to USC

The WR flipped from his long-time WSU commitment.

Yrrals Larry [2:36 PM]:

Whoever came up with the term “Blueshift” Did not think it through very well….

Kyle Sherwood [2:36 PM]:

a year at USC ain’t cheap. Damn

OlyCoug [2:36 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot – I know, right?

Michael Preston [2:35 PM]:

I’m not a terribly huge fan of Dennis Simmons presently.

erikrussel [2:35 PM]:

So his parents are going pay private school tuition at USC for year on the hopes he might get a scholarship #YAHOK

SethCougar [2:35 PM]:

Damn, guess the kid REALLY wants to pay for a year of school at USC

.:R [2:35 PM]:

ugh, whatever

wazzu93 [2:34 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot Exactly what I was going to say.

Michael Preston [2:34 PM]:

Here’s a much more thorough write-up:

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:34 PM]:

and USC giving him that was more appealing that us actually scholarshipping him. Awesome.

Michael Preston [2:33 PM]:

See my reply to DR. Coug for explanation on a blueshirt (I had too look it up, too)

SethCougar [2:33 PM]:

Visa ESPN: A blueshirt is a player who arrived on campus as a “preferred” or “recruited” walk-on and goes on to earn a football scholarship. The NCAA doesn’t allow for schools to produce written promises of scholarships to walk-ons, but that doesn’t stop a school from telling a prospect who walks on that an offer is coming after a certain point.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:33 PM]:

why can’t we have nice things?

Michael Preston [2:33 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot It’s basically a preferred walk-on who gets a sorta handshake agreement to have a scholarship next year

SethCougar [2:33 PM]:

WTF is a Blueshirt….

.:R [2:33 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [2:33 PM]:

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:32 PM]:

what’s blueshirt?

Skurskicoug [2:32 PM]:

The one advantage of being in Europe right now is that I got a TON done today, and then get to relax, have dinner, and stay glued to this chat.

Michael Preston [2:32 PM]:

Ooookkkkkk byyyyyyyyyyyyyye

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:29 PM]:

I’m getting an ulcer. Also, I’m getting no work done. ’

Mark Sandritter [2:29 PM]:

Burnett news should be out soon

Mark Sandritter [2:29 PM]:

erikrussel [2:28 PM]:

Is Eddie Rudinski still coming to WSU?

erikrussel [2:24 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Nice looking at his Yahoo page UW offered him. That makes it even better

CougsNation [2:23 PM]:

Definitely can’t wait to see Luani suit up and play. Guy looks like a complete stud.

well you win some and lose others [2:23 PM]:

Since Mark says it is official, it must be official. How could it not be official?

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:22 PM]:

phew. Luani is good news at least.

Mark Sandritter [2:21 PM]:

So Luani is official, official now

Mark Sandritter [2:21 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [2:21 PM]:

@erikrussel Don’t believe so.

Mark Sandritter [2:21 PM]:


WSU football recruiting: George Wilson sticks with Utah

The Cougars made a late run, but were unable flip the Utah commit.

erikrussel [2:20 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Is he a LDS kid?

SethCougar [2:18 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Was pretty convinced he was a long-shot anyways.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [2:18 PM]:

what’s the news on Burnett? pretty sure he’s flipping?

Mark Sandritter [2:17 PM]:

CougsNation [2:16 PM]:

We missed out on George Wilson.

Michael Preston [2:16 PM]:

@Ryan Eames well, yeah we found that out later-ish. Here’s hoping Scottsdale CC finaly found their starting QB. Put FitBod says I’ll be proven wrong about him soooooooooo

.:R [2:13 PM]:

@Michael Preston LOL, yup real “solid”

Michael Preston [2:12 PM]:

@CougsNation Bruggman was at least solid to WSU before ASU tried to yank him away.

well you win some and lose others [2:12 PM]:

Darn you JIm Sterk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CougsNation [2:12 PM]:

Maybe grades? But hey, at least he could become an immediate standout.

OlyCoug [2:12 PM]:

The perception or reality that Dennis Simmons is leaving really disrupted this recruiting class.

Hit-It-Here-Cafe [2:11 PM]:

@CougsNation well we already knew that one…

SethCougar [2:11 PM]:

@Ryan Eames This has to be a “I want to stay local” play. I don’t see how anyone would chose SDSU over a Pac-12 team, sans Colorado.

.:R [2:10 PM]:

I don’t get that one.

CougsNation [2:09 PM]:


VancouverCoug [2:09 PM]:

yeah, i guess that is where my confusion came in too

CougsNation [2:08 PM]:

I’m confused. Some of you act like it’s a done deal with Burnett and Maeson being flipped. Have we not learned from the Bruggman case?

Mark Sandritter [2:06 PM]:

@VancouverCoug Mason hasn’t flipped anywhere yet. Rumors that he could flip. But its NSD so there are always rumors.

erikrussel [2:04 PM]:

Basically USC waits till the last minute to see if they have any openings then if they do they just swoop in our class and take our best players

VancouverCoug [2:04 PM]:

who did Mason flip to?

Michael Preston [2:03 PM]:

@erikrussel Half a foot maybe? I don’t think anyone really knew one way or another but yeah, he did seem to be a loose commit at best.

erikrussel [2:00 PM]:

@Michael Preston Burnett pretty much already had one foot out the door though right? This Mason flips hurts. Im crushed over it even though I really shouldn’t be

Michael Preston [1:59 PM]:

@erikrussel Looking like at least Burnett and Mason, class could drop to almost #50 after flirting with the top 25

SethCougar [1:56 PM]:

SethCougar [1:56 PM]:

Anyone know what this entails:

SethCougar [1:54 PM]:

@Kyle Sherwood Can they ship to Hawaii, STAT?

erikrussel [1:53 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Oh I forgot about Gabe Marks. Thank god we still have him even though he hasn’t played in year

Kyle Sherwood [1:53 PM]:

Maybe the Surprise is brownies for all of us

Mark Sandritter [1:53 PM]:

@erikrussel Myers graduated. Dom and Marks likely going to start.

erikrussel [1:52 PM]:

@Michael Preston How many people have we lost so far today?

erikrussel [1:51 PM]:

Who are the early candidates to start at outside WR next year? Is Isiah Myers still on the team?

Michael Preston [1:51 PM]:

Boy…today is not going well.

SethCougar [1:46 PM]:

Maybe the “Surprise” is that he’s a package deal… I’m BRINGING IMAN MARSHALL WITH ME!

erikrussel [1:45 PM]:

Seems like we lost a lot of WR’s this class. WR would seem to be the one position we have a real advantage over other schools. If you’re a 5* WR this is def the best most fun offense to play in

Mark Sandritter [1:45 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [1:44 PM]:

I saw that Mson tweet a while ago and can’t track down anything else similar. Doesn’t mean it’s not accurate, but not out there, out there, yet

Michael Preston [1:44 PM]:


SethCougar [1:43 PM]:

FWIW That’s just a twitter pull and not sure how “in the know” that person is. Could all be BS Drama.

erikrussel [1:41 PM]:

Ugh that sucks. I just let out an audible sigh at my desk

wazzu93 [1:41 PM]:

@SethCougar Aw, crap. Figures.

.:R [1:41 PM]:


Michael Preston [1:40 PM]:

@SethCougar Oh….goodie.

SethCougar [1:39 PM]:

OlyCoug [1:39 PM]:

@erikrussel – SC is probably making a play for him too.

erikrussel [1:38 PM]:

Getting worried about our 4 star CB/WR hybrid

Gotcha2 [1:34 PM]:

Hearing that Burnett is going USC

Michael Preston [1:33 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter “I thought they wore those colors in 300, so….”

Ballfann [1:32 PM]:

Most important question of the day: Is this finally the draft class that puts us over the top and ready to get the pregame team/student section Haka goin?

Mark Sandritter [1:31 PM]:

Must have been a sale on black and orange balloons

SethCougar [1:31 PM]:

Well at least he’s not going to a team in our conference.

Mark Sandritter [1:31 PM]:

With confetti!

.:R [1:30 PM]:

@erikrussel was supposed to be Leiato

Mark Sandritter [1:30 PM]:

Hunt to Michigan State

SethCougar [1:30 PM]:

Classy Kid hopefully we land him

Mark Sandritter [1:30 PM]:

Hunt was about to announce, but is now calling more family to the stage

erikrussel [1:28 PM]:

The American Samoa pipeline is the best thing we have going for us hopefully the next Troy Polamalu isn’t far off

Mark Sandritter [1:27 PM]:

American Samoa duo is in

Mark Sandritter [1:27 PM]:


WSU football recruiting 2015: OG Amosa Sakaria officially signs his letter of intent

Amosa Sakaria is officially a Coug.

Mark Sandritter [1:26 PM]:


WSU football recruiting: LB Logan Tago officially signs his letter of intent

The linebacker from American Samoa will be headed to Pullman to play college football.

well you win some and lose others [1:23 PM]:

@SethCougar Send them outside to run off that energy.

erikrussel [1:22 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others Thanks its not really my theory so I cant take credit for it but I hope its correct

SethCougar [1:22 PM]:

SIT DOWN and SHUT UP KIDS, I need my recruiting news

Mark Sandritter [1:21 PM]:

Hunt announcement starting

Brian Anderson [1:21 PM]:

well you win some and lose others [1:21 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Coach Graham has a lot of ground to cover.

SethCougar [1:20 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Talk about Business Casual

Mark Sandritter [1:19 PM]:

ASU signed a dude who wears a suit jacket and tie with shorts

Mark Sandritter [1:19 PM]:

well you win some and lose others [1:19 PM]:

Well, Eric, you might be going somewhere with it.

well you win some and lose others [1:18 PM]:

Weird things happen in recruiting, but hey, just having a bit of fun with it.

erikrussel [1:17 PM]:

How is UW doing today? My friend said that he thinks CP is like Ty in that he only recruits “our kinda guys” meaning high character and not as good at football and is worried about the future of the program. Im really hoping this is the case. UW is only just now recovering from the Ty Willy era. It took like 12 years to undo that damage.

Mark Sandritter [1:16 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others He’s supposed to pick from BYU, Utah State, Michigan State, WSU and Oregon State. Don’t think Petrino is going to pull that off.

well you win some and lose others [1:14 PM]:

He is going Vandal, Mark?

SethCougar [1:13 PM]:


Jesse Cassino [1:12 PM]:

Weird random recruiting fact: Georgia Tech has signed 27 3* recruits. If that’s not the Paul Johnsonest thing to ever happen, I don’t know what is.

erikrussel [1:11 PM]:

@SethCougar That makes sense I guess. I don’t really care where the players come from I just think its odd. 90% of the students probably graduated from WA high schools and 10% of the football team maybe?

Mark Sandritter [1:11 PM]:

I will say if Hunt picks WSU after rolling with the orange and black Oregon State setup, he’s going to be my favorite player on the team. Sorry River.

Brian Anderson [1:10 PM]:


joelgwsu [1:09 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter he’s gonna pick Oregon State and then make a heel turn by suplexing Benny Beaver through one of the tables and putting on a WSU hat.

Wyrggle [1:09 PM]:

According to Wikipedia, their school colors are “Royal blue, pearl white, gold”. So perhaps they are just “gold”?

Brian Anderson [1:09 PM]:

@erikrussel It doesn’t help that Russell was the PNW area recruiter, and was fired, and Breske helped out, and was also fired.

.:R [1:06 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [1:05 PM]:

They are adding a second table for Hunt’s announcement. WHAT DOES IT MEAN

SethCougar [1:04 PM]:

Cougfan put out an article regarding the lack of in-state recruits recently and does a pretty good job of explaining why (as best as you can) and why it isn’t a huge hit to Wazzu in the short term. Basically boils down to WSU targeting Cali because it’s larger talent pool as opposed to WA, and why it’s a tough battle for us out of the gate. Wins will help us start winning those battles.

Mark Sandritter [1:03 PM]:

Yeah, guessing that isn’t a WSU friendly setup

Mark Sandritter [1:03 PM]:

erikrussel [1:02 PM]:

@Kyle Sherwood I guess it doesn’t matter where the players come from as long as they’re good but is it weird we didn’t sign a single kid that graduated from a WA high school? Is that normal for other schools to not recruit any kids from their own state?

Gotcha2 [1:02 PM]:

Singleton technically is from in state… but a bit of a stretch

Mark Sandritter [1:01 PM]:


Kyle Sherwood [1:00 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter so our perfect HAT CEREMONY streak continues?

.:R [1:00 PM]:

@erikrussel and of course Rypien at no.5 to BSU. The next 3 after that to UW also………… fml

Kyle Sherwood [12:59 PM]:

@erikrussel depending on the service you use, the top recruits in Washington State are a combination of Benning Potoae (UW), Brett Rypien (Boise), Henry Roberts (UW) and Austin Joyner (UW). WSU didn’t sign any in-state kids this year, unless you count Toki.

Mark Sandritter [12:59 PM]:

Either he’s an expert troll, colorblind or it’s not looking good for WSU

Mark Sandritter [12:59 PM]:

Hunt has orange and black balloons

.:R [12:59 PM]:

@erikrussel According to 247 they were Benning Potae, Austin Joyner, and Henry Roberts……and UW got them all. Toki at #4

Kyle Sherwood [12:57 PM]:


erikrussel [12:57 PM]:

Who were the top 3 prospects in Washington and did we get any of them? I tried Googling this but I couldn’t find the answer also it’s kinda hard bc I’m at work

Jeff Nusser [12:53 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [12:50 PM]:


WSU football recruiting: Cougars lands 3-star DE T.J. Fehoko

Cougars make a late addition to 2015 class.

SethCougar [12:50 PM]:

Fehoko’s are Cousins

erikrussel [12:48 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Is he related to this kid we offered last year?

Jeff Nusser [12:48 PM]:

That’s a big win for WSU today. Wilson would be even bigger.

Gotcha2 [12:48 PM]:

Very nice pick up

Jeff Nusser [12:47 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [12:47 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [12:47 PM]:

Jeff Nusser [12:47 PM]:

Remember that a lot of these kids sign their papers at ceremonies at school – sometimes during lunch, sometimes after school, etc.

SethCougar [12:47 PM]:


erikrussel [12:44 PM]:

@Kyle Sherwood Bet Lil Snoop Dogg will have that. I’ve watched his ESPN reality show and that high school is nicer than WSU when I was in school

Flyfishacoug [12:43 PM]:


Kyle Sherwood [12:43 PM]:

Really, as long as lasers are in the background, I’m gravy

Kyle Sherwood [12:43 PM]:

or Glamour Shots

Kyle Sherwood [12:42 PM]:

@erikrussel I’m still waiting on a recruit to tweet out a full photo shoot done at Yuen Lui

SethCougar [12:40 PM]:

Any word on Mason’s status ?

Brian Anderson [12:40 PM]:

Brian Anderson [12:37 PM]:

@erikrussel Moos could’ve sent it for #branding

Mark Sandritter [12:37 PM]:

Broughton with the Champion WSU sweater. Need to load him up with some Nike gear ASAP

Mark Sandritter [12:37 PM]:

Almost all are at their schools. No insight on who creates signing day artwork

erikrussel [12:36 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson Where are these pictures taken of these kids? At their high schools? Like did his classmates put together that wall art for him?

Brian Anderson [12:34 PM]:

Broughton with the fancy wall art and Myers with the sweet bowtie. This class is alright.

Brian Anderson [12:33 PM]:

Gotcha2 [12:31 PM]:

From what I’m hearing now, sounds like Luani needed to take another class to get his AA.

Mark Sandritter [12:30 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [12:30 PM]:

That is some very good news on James Williams. If he’s healthy, he’s probably going to join Wicks and Morrow on the field this year.

Mark Sandritter [12:29 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [12:28 PM]:

@ptowncoug3012 Yup, that’s the list. Plus waiting for word on why Luani hasn’t enrolled yet and where Fehoko and George Wilson land

ptowncoug3012 [12:23 PM]:

Yes, right with 19 I missed Dimry. Waiting on Mason, Burnett, Tago Rudinski, Sakaria.

Mark Sandritter [12:20 PM]:

Including the four early enrollees WSU has listed (doesn’t include Luani) WSU has 19 signed.

erikrussel [12:17 PM]:

Was Mason considering a change of heart recently?

ptowncoug3012 [12:17 PM]:

Sorry 18 with Sweet.

ptowncoug3012 [12:16 PM]:

By my count with Powell we are 17 signed. Correct? Mason is a big one still hanging out there.

Mark Sandritter [12:13 PM]:


WSU football recruiting: S Kameron Powell officially signs his letter of intent

Kameron Powell is officially a Coug.

CougTransplant [12:13 PM]:

Thanks Mark. LOI Day = National Get Nothing Done At Work Day

Mark Sandritter [12:11 PM]:

No word on Mason just yet, but it’s still very early. More LOIs rolling in now.

Mark Sandritter [12:11 PM]:


WSU football recruiting: WR Kyle Sweet officially signs letter of intent

Kyle Sweet is officially a Coug

erikrussel [12:11 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others Thanks. That’d be great to get him guess it sounds like we’re out of the picture though

erikrussel [12:10 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Thanks for the info Mark

CougTransplant [12:08 PM]:

Any word on Taeon Mason?

Mark Sandritter [12:02 PM]:


WSU football recruiting: WR C.J. Dimry officially signs his letter of intent

The junior college transfer will have two years to play two at Washington State.

Mark Sandritter [11:55 AM]:

Players to keep an eye on. Deontay Burnett, George Wilson and T.J. Fehoko. Wilson is supposed to announce at 11:20 a.m. PT

Mark Sandritter [11:50 AM]:

Large individuals there

Mark Sandritter [11:50 AM]:

Brian Anderson [11:49 AM]:

@Ryan Eames a little slower, a little undersized compared to the scholarship kids at those positions but he’s a real decent pickup as a walk-on.

Mark Sandritter [11:47 AM]:

@erikrussel I don’t think he has, but I also don’t think WSU has much of a shot barring a Bumpus.

well you win some and lose others [11:46 AM]:

Eric, it sounds like between UCLA and USC, but you will never know

Mark Sandritter [11:41 AM]:

@WoollyCoug WazzuWatch has you covered –

.:R [11:41 AM]:

@Brian J. Anderson thanks. looks decent, a lot of his picks are underthrown balls. good size, maybe lacking speed. thoughts?

erikrussel [11:39 AM]:

Has Snoop Dogg’s son signed anywhere yet could we still get him?

WoollyCoug [11:39 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter Thanks! Do you have a list of the verbals that have not yet sent in LOI?

Brian Anderson [11:38 AM]:

.:R [11:35 AM]:

and by good I mean ridiculous

Mark Sandritter [11:35 AM]:

LOI tracker

Brian Anderson [11:35 AM]:

Mark Sandritter [11:35 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: Tracking all of the Cougars' additions on National Signing Day 2015

We’re tracking who is signed, sealed and delivered.

.:R [11:34 AM]:

Damn UCLA having a good class…..

erikrussel [11:33 AM]:

Where are our other 2 4 stars?

.:R [11:33 AM]:

got links for highlights or know much about him?

well you win some and lose others [11:33 AM]:

Either those helmets are small or he is a giant.

Brian Anderson [11:33 AM]:

Jenkins is a CB/WR

Brian Anderson [11:31 AM]:

harpstar [11:28 AM]:

Cougs QB are always good radio

Mark Sandritter [11:26 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: OT Davis Perrott officially signs letter of intent

Davis Perrott is a Coug.

Neil Vincent Roberts [11:25 AM]:

’s reel is paying

Neil Vincent Roberts [11:25 AM]:


harpstar [11:25 AM]:

davis perrott

Mark Sandritter [11:24 AM]:

Davis Perrott is in

Neil Vincent Roberts [11:24 AM]:

Another fax came in just now…..

j_danielo [11:24 AM]:

Yeah, the 4 that were already enrolled are nice to see. Luani doesn’t show as enrolled yet though, although he has his letter in awhile back

Neil Vincent Roberts [11:23 AM]:

I’m digging the highlight reels of the athletes that have already faxed in their LOI’s.

Brian Anderson [11:22 AM]:

@j_danielo ? No clue on that stuff, they got a fax from him. Or announced a fax from him at any rate

Brian Anderson [11:22 AM]:

And Singleton

j_danielo [11:22 AM]:

How was Priester not official before?

Neil Vincent Roberts [11:21 AM]:

@Brian J. Anderson That makes me happy

Brian Anderson [11:21 AM]:

Priester is official now

j_danielo [11:18 AM]:

Something I saw said they were cousins

Gotcha2 [11:18 AM]:

Gotta be Fehoko

j_danielo [11:17 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [11:17 AM]:

Thomas Toki adding some intrigue to signing day

Mark Sandritter [11:17 AM]:

Gotcha2 [11:15 AM]:

Heard that WSU was back in the race for him too at the very end, but parents wanted him to stay closer

Mark Sandritter [11:14 AM]:

Marcus Lewis was reportedly down to Kentucky and Miami. Then signed with FSU. Never know in recruiting until the LOIs come in.

Mark Sandritter [11:14 AM]:

@WoollyCoug Typing it up as we speak. Only a couple minutes

WoollyCoug [11:12 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter I’m back. Did the chart get posted yet? Thanks.

Gotcha2 [11:09 AM]:

Marcus Lewis ended up with FSU… surprising

Samsinite [11:08 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter The chat msg box needs to be at the top thought. But seriously this would be perfect for games.

Samsinite [11:07 AM]:

Is that TV in the FOB already broken?

Mark Sandritter [11:07 AM]:

@Samsinite Because we get all SB Nation fancy for signing day

Samsinite [11:05 AM]:

Wow this chat is nice! Why doesn’t it work like this for games?

Brian Anderson [11:03 AM]:

Me too Ryan, they don’t reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy need many WRs in this class, but losing him would hurt a bit

Mark Sandritter [11:02 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: DE Hunter Mattox officially signs letter of intent

The Chatsworth, Calif. defensive end will officially head to Pullman after he graduates this year.

.:R [11:01 AM]:

still worried about Burnett

nomadictendencies [11:00 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter bring back Tony the Toe Truant

Mark Sandritter [10:55 AM]:

HOT COUGAR ACTION: Boobie Williams video compilation <—- for all of the search results

.:R [10:54 AM]:

love me some boobie? #tooeasy

Brian Anderson [10:54 AM]:

Falk is wrecking OSU on the Fax Cam highlights right now…just an FYI

Mark Sandritter [10:54 AM]:

Important note: James Williams’ nickname is Boobie. Boobie Williams

.:R [10:54 AM]:

that’s exactly true BA

Brian Anderson [10:53 AM]:

I think you’re either loved or hated as a kicker, not a whole lotta middle ground for that position.

.:R [10:53 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [10:52 AM]:

No missed 18-yarders, please

Mark Sandritter [10:52 AM]:


Gotcha2 [10:52 AM]:

Abramo! We have a kicker!

Mark Sandritter [10:52 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: K Matt Abramo officially signs letter of intent

Washington State may have fixed their kicking problem with Abramo’s commitment.

Mark Sandritter [10:51 AM]:

LOIs rolling in right now

Mark Sandritter [10:50 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: RB James Williams officially signs his letter of intent.

James Williams is officially a Coug.

Mark Sandritter [10:49 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: CB Treshon Broughton officially signs letter of intent

Some much needed secondary help is on its way to Pullman.

Brian Anderson [10:47 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [10:45 AM]:

Rovell is why we can’t have nice things. Just let the image of a 6-foot-7 410-pound Tonga truck be true, Darren.

Brian Anderson [10:45 AM]:

Deep thoughts rought to you by Rovell

Brian Anderson [10:44 AM]:

Mark Sandritter [10:42 AM]:

@Gotcha2 Interesting, hadn’t seen that yet. I’ll check a couple things.

Jeffster [10:41 AM]:

I’m keepin up with Texas Tech and WSU’s signees today, but y’all win cause Viva the Matadors doesn’t have a live chat going. ;)

Gotcha2 [10:41 AM]:

Yeah, I remember that. Just noticed that he wasn’t listed here though with the other recruits

Mark Sandritter [10:39 AM]:

That’s WSU’s story on Luani and Mitchell signing

Mark Sandritter [10:39 AM]:

Mark Sandritter [10:39 AM]:

Luani is already signed and sealed. He signed back in December and should be on campus now.

Gotcha2 [10:37 AM]:

Does anyone know what’s going on with Shalom Luani? Was pretty sure he was supposed to enroll early, but he’s not being listed as a commit

Mark Sandritter [10:37 AM]:


Jeffster [10:36 AM]:

hey hey from Texas =)

Brian Anderson [10:34 AM]:

All these cornerbacks are pretty special too. There’s a nice mix of real solid looking cover guys, and some really physical players

Brian Anderson [10:33 AM]:

Porter definitely has a good shot at starting, I like Powell a lot too as a potential starter

Mark Sandritter [10:33 AM]:

More cornerbacks!

Mark Sandritter [10:33 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: S Darrien Molton officially signs letter of intent

Darrien Molton is a Coug.

Mark Sandritter [10:31 AM]:

Brian likes him too “Underrated speed. Scrapes well, he gets into run fits in a hurry and flies to the boundary. His closing speed stood out quite a bit.”

Mark Sandritter [10:31 AM]:

If I was going to pick a player in this class most likely to start next year, I’d probably go Porter

Mark Sandritter [10:30 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: LB Aaron Porter officially signs his letter of intent

Aaron Porter is officially a Coug.

Mark Sandritter [10:29 AM]:

@WoollyCoug I will indeed

WoollyCoug [10:28 AM]:

Mark, could you post a link when you get the chart up? Thanks.

Mark Sandritter [10:28 AM]:

Aaron Porter in too

Mark Sandritter [10:28 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: OL Joseph Price officially signs his letter of intent

Joseph Price is officially a Coug.

andyboyan [10:27 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter Counts as 2 commits

Mark Sandritter [10:26 AM]:

Joseph Price is in

Mark Sandritter [10:26 AM]:

Mark Sandritter [10:25 AM]:

If you click that picture you’ll see BYU just landed a 6-FOOT-7 GUY WHO WEIGHS 410 POUNDS

Mark Sandritter [10:24 AM]:

Mark Sandritter [10:23 AM]:

Toki was the first verbal commitment and the second to fax in his LOI. 5-star recruit on punctuality.

WoollyCoug [10:18 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter Thanks!!!

Mark Sandritter [10:16 AM]:

Myers, Toki, Bigge-Duren and Oguayo all in so far

Mark Sandritter [10:16 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: LB Nnamdi Oguayo officially signs his letter of intent

Nnamdi Oguayo is officially a Coug

Mark Sandritter [10:14 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: OL Noah Myers officially signs his letter of intent

Noah Myers is officially a Coug.

Gotcha2 [10:13 AM]:

Oguayo is official

Brian Anderson [10:13 AM]:

I really like Cedric. Kinda the theme with all these OL guys is “nastiness”. You here that from Leach and the staff. These dudes all have it.

Mark Sandritter [10:10 AM]:

BA’s thoughts on Bigge-Duren: “The kid finishes plays. Pass blocking or run blocking, the defender is on his back over half the time. Beast on the run block, great athleticism for his frame, pulled on counters and dominated like you’d expect a guy with his size to do. Decent footwork in pass blocking, passed off defenders well and was able to slide where he needed to. Some of those kids put on skates were lucky there was a whistle, Cedric could’ve sat them right on the bleachers next to their moms.”

Jeff Nusser [10:10 AM]:

Thanks for the kick in the nuts, BA

Mark Sandritter [10:09 AM]:

Cedric Bigge-Duren is official!

Mark Sandritter [10:09 AM]:


WSU football recruiting: OL Cedric Bigge-Duren officially signs letter of intent

The big offensive lineman from Oceanside will be on the Palouse after he graduates.

Brian Anderson [10:07 AM]:

I think Simmons should fax in a letter of intent too

Mark Sandritter [10:07 AM]:

I can make a chart so everything is handy

WoollyCoug [10:06 AM]:

I really liked the chart. Easy way to get updated if I have to step away. Thanks.

Mark Sandritter [10:01 AM]:

It’s 7 a.m. and we’re live chatting until they stop us, Wilson.

Jeff Nusser [10:01 AM]:

We don’t have one at the moment, but one could be constructed pretty quickly if there’s interest

WoollyCoug [10:00 AM]:

Are you guys going to have a chart up with the verbles on it (with their position) and then fill in their names when their letters come in like you did last year?

.:R [9:59 AM]:


.:R [9:59 AM]:

Wilson seems like an interesting case. Committed to Utah, 247 crystal ball at 100% BSU, yet a hat ceremony?

Gotcha2 [9:54 AM]:

Seems we’re still in on Mufi Hunt as well

Gotcha2 [9:48 AM]:

If I remember right, TJ Fehoko is a possibility too

Jeff Nusser [9:45 AM]:

Jeff Nusser [9:45 AM]:

At least one: George Wilson.

RandomCougFan [9:43 AM]:

How many hat ceremonies are we in today?

noshirtcoug [9:41 AM]:

man Toki is up early

Jeff Nusser [9:30 AM]:

Woops … premature enter. We’ll also be posting other interesting stuff we find today.

Jeff Nusser [9:30 AM]:


Jeff Nusser [9:29 AM]:

If y’all missed it, here’s where we’ll be posting letters as they come in:

Jeff Nusser [9:26 AM]:

Much coffee.

Britton Ransford [9:25 AM]:


Jesse Cassino [9:25 AM]:

/salute. Go Cougs!

Jeff Nusser [9:24 AM]:

Hooray! I’m not alone!

Ballfann [9:24 AM]:

Go Cougs

Jeff Nusser [9:24 AM]: