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WSU football recruiting: Taeon Mason flips to ... San Jose State

The 4-star commit flipped on signing day and is headed to the Mountain West.

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UPDATE: Mason had a surprise indeed as he flipped to San Jose State on signing day. From a USC commit to WSU to San Jose State in a matter of weeks. That's a shocker.


National letters of intent tend to roll in fast and furious during the morning on National Signing Day, but when they don't, questions quickly arise. Why hasn't player XX signed yet?! Is he changing his mind?!

In some cases, the player simply isn't signing in the morning. Maybe his school is holding a lunchtime ceremony. Or maybe the paperwork just needs some time to have all the I's dotted and T's crossed. Other times, where there is smoke, there is fire.

This is all relevant, because 4-star WSU commit Taeon Mason has yet to send in a signed letter of intent, leading to speculation he could make a late change. This doesn't help quell any concerns Cougar fans may have.

That's a somewhat vague report. Maybe a surprise means a flip. Maybe a surprise means Mason is going to bring out a live cougar before he signs. The national reporters have yet to float similar rumors, so we remain in wait and see mode. Mason was a late addition to the class and one of the bigger pieces should he ink with the Cougars.

Recruiting rumors spin all the time, especially on signing day. At this point all we can do is close our eyes and wait for the gravitron to stop spinning.