A Proposed Bill on Daylight Savings Time and How This is Relevant to Cougcenter

A couple of days ago, I was reading the newspaper and came upon an article about Daylight Savings Time. It stated that there is a proposed bill to end Day Light Savings and go back to a time schedule before World War Two. There are considerations to be made. The time schedule for daylight savings this year is between the eight of March and first of November.

I came to think how will this effect me watching the Cougs play. If I was to watch on TV, I will need to factor the time difference for the game if I only know when a Coug game starts in Washington. Another factor is when I have a watch and my movement between states. I will need to set to Washington State Time from Idaho State.

What will happen when I need to get a lunch in Moscow? Since Idaho will set its time back, we will skip an hour moving from Washington State to Idaho and gain an hour from Idaho to Washington State. It will complicate class schedules between University of Idaho and Washington State University. The advantage will be getting more hours of classes if you start from UI to WSU, but the disadvantage will be going the other way and lose one hour. Professors who work at both universities will have a challenge with this schedule.

I will like to know what you think of this bill.

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