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VIDEO: Montana player prematurely rushes floor against Northern Arizona

Former WSU coach Ken Bone surely was having flashbacks as his new school nearly fell victim to a call that plagued his previous school.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Once upon a time, Ken Bone was the head coach of a team at WSU that appeared to win a game with a last second shot, only to see that result wiped out by a technical foul after a player ran off the bench and onto the court to celebrate just a little too soon.

Now, Ken Bone is an assistant coach at Montana, a team that appeared to win a Big Sky Tournament game against Northern Arizona last night, only to have someone run off the bench and onto the court to celebrate just a little too soon:

In case you missed it:

Only, unlike the Cougs, Montana was not called for a technical foul, and the Grizzlies went on to win the game. Oh, and the opposing coach was just upset enough to nearly cause a brawl at midcourt after the game (starts at 0:42):

Truth be told, Montana actually probably has WSU to thank for this not resulting in a technical foul. Almost immediately after the incident in Pullman, the referees changed their interpretation of the rule in an effort to avoid calling technical fouls in that kind of a situation.

But the Northern Arizona coach has a valid complaint since, unlike Oregon in the game against WSU, the Lumberjacks actually were prevented from inbounding the ball -- you can see the pass coming in as the player is diving back to the sideline.

This time, though, Bone's team got off the hook.

(h/t Terrence Payne at College Basketball Talk)