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NCAA Tournament Sweet 16: How to watch Friday's games on TV, online

Two regional finals have been set, with the other two decided tonight.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If tonight lives up to last night in any way, we're in for another great night of basketball.

Granted, only three games last night were close, but Kentucky's performance was interesting in that "holy wow did a team just do that to another team in the Sweet 16?" As Craig said to me in a message last night: "Kentucky cares now. Good luck everyone."

Here’s the schedule for tonight with some quick previews to enhance* your viewing pleasure. Once you get done catching up on the previews, discuss the games as they unfold in the comments below.

*Enhancement not guaranteed.

(11) UCLA vs. (2) Gonzaga

South Region – Houston, Texas

4:15 p.m. PT | CBS | Streaming

The Zags looked pretty nervous against North Dakota State, but got down to business in blowing out Iowa. Will they be able to continue that run of form against the suddenly resurgent Bruins, whom the Bulldogs bulldozed at Pauley back in December. Has UCLA improved enough? The Bruins seem to have enough athleticism and size up front to contend with Gonzaga's front line, which dominated Iowa. says: UCLA - 77%

(8) NC State vs. (4) Louisville

East Region – Syracuse, NY

4:37 p.m. PT | TBS | Streaming

The Cardinals followed a similar path to the Zags in Seattle - so-so in the opening game of the tournament, much better in the second game. It helps when the guy taking most of your shots -- in this case, Terry Rozier -- just refuses to ever miss. Meanwhile, the Wolfpack squeaked by LSU on a buzzer beater and then kept No. 1 seed Villanova at bay, despite a late charge from the Wildcats. NC State does one thing well on offense: Ensure lots of bites at the apple by taking care of the ball. The Cardinals are superb at taking the ball away. If the Wolfpack can avoid turnovers, it should be an exciting game. says: Louisville - 62%

(5) Utah vs. (1) Duke

South Region – Houston, Texas

6:45 p.m. PT | CBS | Streaming

The Utes seem to have righted the ship after stumbling down the stretch, but if we're talking about teams that have looked like they can challenge Kentucky, Duke might actually be one. Jahlil Okafor has been spectacular, and Utah's big men can be foul prone, as WSU showed. Can Jakob Poeltl hold his own? Interestingly, Kenpom's laptop rates this as a practical toss up, while Vegas has instilled the Blue Devils as five-point favorites. Wonder how much of that has to do with the name on the front of the jersey? says: Duke - 56%

(7) Michigan State vs. (3) Oklahoma

East Region – Syracuse, NY

7:07 p.m. PT | TBS | Streaming

Stop me if you've heard this before: Michigan State is playing its best ball of the year in the NCAA Tournament. Weird, I know. (Side note: Thanks for knocking out Virginia, Tom. We appreciate it. Or maybe that's just me. Either way. Thanks!) The Spartans are most closely associated with defense, but it's the offense that actually is driving this bus for Tom Izzo. They shoot the ball very well from deep, and while there's debate about how much teams can do to limit the 3-point percentage of opponents, it's worth noting Oklahoma's opponents have shot poorly from deep this season. If that's not luck, and if Oklahoma can keep the Spartans off the offensive glass, the Lon Kruger's Sooners could be one step closer to the Final Four by the end of the night. says: Oklahoma – 54%