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'Cougars' wins the 2015 CougCenter bracket challenge

It's about time the Cougars won something.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

File this under "better late than never": The generically named "Cougars" has won the 2015 CougCenter bracket challenge for the NCAA tournament. He/she now is immortalized in our CougCenter Hall of Fame.

Cougars took home the crown in our "traditional" bracket, scoring 450 more points than the second place finisher, Danelo8577. The interesting thing is that Cougars didn't pick the national champion correctly, usually a prerequisite for winning this sort of thing. But getting 7 of the Elite Eight teams and all of the Final Four teams correct goes a long way!

Here are the top 10:

Bracket Challenge traditional

As for the "Advanced" challenge, which involved the potential to switch picks mid-game for diminishing points, our own Craig Powers eked out agoodwin18 to take home that title:

bracket challenge advanced

And finally, we have the author draft challenge, in which teams earned each author varying points per victory based on seeding. Kyle Sherwood's Team Evil took home the crown in what was by far the most competitive year of the author draft. He should probably send a thank you card to Steve Alford:

author draft standings

Thank you to all who participated, and congrats to the winners! You can find the names of the winners in our Hall of Fame.