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Watch WSU special teams coach Eric Mele mic'd up at practice

After the start to last season, it was clear that WSU needed some help with special teams. Eric Russell was fired mid-season and the interim replacement was Eric Mele. Shortly after the season, the interim tag was removed.

Spring practices are the first opportunity for Mele to show how he's going to put his own stamp on the unit. The video above gives us a chance to see exactly what kind of coach Mele is. We see a good variety of Mele in action, everything from inviting players into the "Thunder Dome" to putting them into all or nothing fantasy situations:

"Powell's girlfriend, who he's in love with, we all know that, there's pictures all over social media... She's at the game. You make the kick, she's done right there on the spot dude."

Of course, as Mark mentioned with the last video, this mic'd up feature has to have some kind of cameo from Joe Salave'a, because everything is better with him in it.

(Edit: It appears that the embedded video isn't showing up for some people, here's a link if that's the case for you)

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Klay Thompson

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