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WSU releases teams for 2015 spring game

Luke Falk will lead the Crimson team, which enjoys the majority of the offensive starters.

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WSU released the rosters for the 2015 Crimson and Gray game, which will take place on Saturday at Joe Albi Stadium in Spokane, and it looks like the Crimson offense against the Gray defense will be the matchup to watch. The game will get started at 2 p.m. and will be broadcast on Pac-12 Networks.

Mike Leach prefers his spring games to be something resembling an actual football game, so the Cougars have been divided up into a pair of teams that feature a healthy mix of starters and backups on each.

That said, the Crimson offense and the Gray defense seem to have the lion's share of the starters. Here's a look at what the starting lineups for each team could consist of.

(Note: I cribbed heavily from Jacob Thorpe's projected two-deep and, at times, just took stabs in the dark when there didn't appear to be an obvious candidate, a la Colton Teglovic and nickelback. I truly have no idea if he's even seeing time there, but the options on the roster for candidates were limited.)

Crimson offense - gray defense 2

The Crimson offense will be led by Luke Falk, and he'll be joined by his starting running back (Gerard Wicks, as well as Jamal Morrow), two of his starting receivers (Dom Williams and Robert Lewis) and 60 percent of his starting offensive line. They'll square off against 2/3 of the starting defensive line (ends Destiny Vaeao and Darryl Paulo) and the starting Rush linebacker (Kache Palacio). It will be interesting to see how well Crimson can run the ball and protect the passer.

Now, here's a look at their counterparts:

Gray offense - crimson defense 2

Here's your chance to look at Peyton Bender. While he doesn't have the same number of starters on his team, he'll have the benefit of throwing to the most explosive receiver in spring practices: Gabe Marks. He also has the best facsimile of River Cracraft on the roster in Tyler Baker. That said, some deep reserve offensive linemen are going to be trying to keep Ivan McLennan out of the backfield. Good luck, fellas.

We already knew WSU would use regular scoring in the game, but now we also know that the first two quarter will be regular 15-minute periods. After a short halftime, the game will conclude with a pair of running-clock 15-minute periods.

Which matchups intrigue you? What will you be watching for on Saturday?

And check out the full rosters below.

Gray Team 2015 by Jeff Nusser

Crimson Team 2015 by Jeff Nusser