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WSU Spring game: Crimson defeats Gray, 31-29

The Cougars played their annual spring game Saturday, and Dom Williams stole the show.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 edition (minus the summer arrivals) of the Cougar football team made its first appearance Saturday in the biggest city between Colfax and Omak. As is the case with nearly every one of these games, not a lot of definite conclusions could be drawn. As is also usually the case with spring games, I got excited to watch the game, tuned in via iPad-into-TV contraption, and lost interest shortly after halftime. Still, there were some observations that could be telling, or maybe not.

One thing that seems pretty obvious is the quarterback hierarchy. Luke Falk was clearly better than Peyton Bender. Falk wasn't spectacular, but he seems much more adept at finding the open guy and knowing his limitations. Bender didn't look overwhelmed or anything, but he seemed to have a lot more trust in his arm than he should have. He stared down quite a few receivers, particularly Gabe Marks.

There were two plays that epitomized Bender's tendency to lock on to his primary guy. The first was a "go" route that was intercepted by Willie Roach. The second was near the endzone, and was broken up by Chandler Leniu. Bender has to clean that up if he wants to compete for the job. Still, there were moments where you could tell why Leach is pretty high on Bender. He threw a ball to Danial Lilienthal for a 38-yard touchdown up the left sideline, and it was a thing of beauty. Still, it will take nothing short of a spectacular fall camp on his part, along with some regression from Falk (unlikely) for Bender to get the job.

The star of the game was Dom Williams, who has been enticing us since 2012. It's clear that he is a dangerous receiver, especially after the catch. Saturday he took a quick slant and rocketed through the secondary for a touchdown. He piled up 164 receiving yards and looked like a man among boys for most of the day. If he can clean up the case of the drops that plagued him at times last year (the first quarter of the Apple Cup come to mind), he could have a huge year.

The other starting outside receiver, Gabe Marks, is another guy who could really shine in 2015. He was hindered a bit Saturday because he was on the Gray team, and seemed to be open on a good number of plays. However, he also needs to do a little better job of fighting for the ball. Bender underthrew him on a deep route, and Charleston White made a good play to intercept it. If Marks had made a play on the ball, he may have come down with it. A similar situation occurred on the Roach interception. Bender made a poor throw, but Marks needs to make the effort to at least break those plays up.

Other random observations/Fireball Hot Taeks:

  • Chandler Leniu looks like he's going to the Levon Kirkland school of linebacker size.
  • The offensive line, while admittedly not playing together, looked a bit leaky at times. Hopefully alot of that had to do with what will be an improved pass rush.
  • Robert Lewis got behind everybody on one deep pass, but Falk couldn't quite get it to him in stride, and Lewis dropped the ball. David Bucannon, who was beaten pretty badly on the play, channeled his inner Jason David after the ball hit the ground.
  • Deion Singleton did not have a good day at corner. Fortunately, he will likely be moved back to safety, and as Jacob Thorpe noted, was playing corner mostly because his squad only had two others at that position.
  • Quentin Breshears had a chance to, yet again, kick a very short field goal. The results were familiar.
  • Our man Jacob Thorpe weaved the word "pendulous" into his primary article. I had to look that one up.
  • Tyler Hilinski got some time late in the game, and didn't look too bad, throwing a lot of checkdowns while leading his team to a late score. LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE A BACKUP QB CONTROVERSY ON OUR HANDS.
  • After the game, Matt Leinart and Lincoln Kennedy provided some outstanding analysis.*

*Analysis was actually more like unintentional comedy, and far from good.

So that about sums up what I was able to glean before my boys badgered me in to playing tackle football in the living room during the second half. What did you all see?


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