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Welcome some new faces to CougCenter!

You're going to see some new names pop up around the site. We like them!

*Not actually a picture of our new writers.
*Not actually a picture of our new writers.
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

A little while back, we posted a job offering looking for new contributors to CougCenter. Much to our delight (and mild surprise?), we received a number of quality applicants. Out of that pool, we selected the following people, all of whom we are confident will add to the CougCenter community.

I won't go into too much detail on their background here; I'll let them tell you a little about themselves in the comments. With that, please welcome (in alphabetical order, with Twitter handle if applicable):

Chet, Scott, Nick, Aaron and Colin will mostly be working on newsy-type things -- Chet's got a couple of stories under his belt already, but you'll probably first notice them doing HCA linkposts, as Nick did this morning -- and Brynne will be writing come columny-type things.

Welcome them to our community!