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2014 NCAA Revenues: WSU finishes last of all Power 5 conference teams

The USA Today released their annual look at finances in college athletics. Spoiler alert: The Cougs didn't top the Pac-12.

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WSU Athletic Communications

Each summer USA Today publishes their look at how the finances from every major public university in the NCAA. You can take a look at the entire database here.

The list collects financial information from all public schools, which they are required to have readily available, and divides them into separate categories. A full run down of their methodology can be found here, but really it just comes down to income (ticket sales, contributions, rights deals, student fees and school funding) and expenses (coaching and staff salaries, scholarships and facilities costs).

First impressions? Holy crap Oregon.... The Ducks led the country in total revenue by bringing in more than $196 million,  over $80 million more than the number reported in 2013.

But when it comes to WSU, the news isn't as surprising. Total revenues for the Cougs ranked 10th out of the 10 public schools in the Pac-12 (Stanford and USC are private institutions and are not required to provide these number), and 54th out of the 230 schools nationwide. They also ranked last out of every Power 5 conference team, trailing about $2 million behind Utah in 53rd.

Compared to last season, the numbers are up from WSU but not by a lot. The athletic department brought in $54,426,818 in 2014, a little over $7 million more than 2013. Income from school funding and rights and licensing, including television money are up.

Ticket sales were down, but perhaps the most striking number is total donations. The revenue from contributions is around $7 million, down more than $1 million from 2013. The reasoning from that is probably pretty simple, the allure of a hot new coach has worn off, but considering Moos' emphasis on donations since he arrived, it's a little surprising to see the number fall to the 2nd lowest point since 2007.

The database also includes a look at expenses. WSU's spending it up by nearly $16 million, but that's probably explainable by the new football facilities and the bump in pay to the football coaching staff.

Take a look at the numbers for yourself. Compare and contrast and let us know what you find the most interesting in the comments.


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