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Alex Grinch mic'd up at WSU spring practice

Hear from new WSU defensive coordinator Alex Grinch as he's mic'd up for one on WSU's spring practices.

When WSU hired Alex Grinch as their new defensive coordinator, not many people knew what we were getting. We know he comes from Missouri where he coached safeties and... Well... That was about it. When he was hired, we didn't even know what kind of defense he would be running. Since then, some things have been cleared up but Grinch is still a little bit of an unknown for Cougar fans. Thankfully, the hardworking crew over at WSU Sports Video have given us an opportunity to take a closer look at Grinch with their latest mic'd up video.

One thing this video makes clear about Grinch: He brings the energy. Compare Grinch's video to Mike Breske's from last season and the difference is night and day. Grinch is pure energy: He's yelling, clapping, encouraging his guys, running through the drills and, overall, bringing an attitude to this defense hasn't seen before.

"We're not going to ask you to give great effort... That's the expectation. We're not going to compromise on that"

The change in coaching style is definitely a welcome one. After the unit's performance last season, something had to change and bringing in a high energy coach with an SEC background may be just the thing the team needs.

Let's just hope that energy he gives off is picked up by some of the players. I mean... I'm pumped up and inspired just watching that video. Here, read these links while I go to the park and run the "backpedal! 90! speed roll! backpedal! break!" drill.



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Don't do it! It's a trap!

Don't leave. Don't ever leave. I graduated last year (*shudder*) and, let me tell you, being an adult in the real world sucks. Don't leave. Don't ever leave.

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Butch Vader

It's a little bit late... But this video is awesome...

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Butch T. Cougar in a Darth Vader costume running around trying to force choke people (and statues) on campus. What could be better?