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WSU football schedule: Pac-12 announces early season TV schedule and game times

The Cougs kick off the season on Sept. 5 with an (early) morning game on the Pac-12 Networks.

William Mancebo/Getty Images

We’re under 100 days until football kicks off and we finally know exactly when it will happen.

The Pac-12 and their TV partners announced game times and TV selections for the first 3 weeks of the season on Monday. To the surprise of pretty much no one, WSU will be playing on the Pac-12 Network for their first 2 home games.

The first game of the season, on Sept. 5 against Portland State, will kick off bright and early at 11 a.m. PT and will be broadcast on the Pac-12 Networks. The third game of the season, on Sept. 19 against Wyoming, will also be seen on the Pac-12 Networks at 5:30. The second game of the season, Sept.12 against Rutgers, is an away game meaning that Rutgers and the Big Ten’s TV partners own the rights to that game. The game time for that should be announced shortly, along with the rest of the Big Ten games.

It’s highly unlikely that anything will chance on the Pac-12 Network distribution front by the time September rolls around, but things are looking brighter in the future. Until then, DirecTV customers, your choices continue to be limited if you want to see the Cougs. You can switch to your local cable provider (provided you don’t have Charter in your area, like me), switch to Dish, or just steal a Pac-12 Now online password from a friend of family member.

Conference wide, there are many notable games in the first three weeks of the season that were announced today as well. On Thursday, Sept. 3, Jim Harbaugh will open his Michigan tenure on a road trip to Utah. That game will kick off at 5:30 on Fox Sports 1. On Sept. 19, Stanford will visit USC will a game time of 5 p.m. on ABC.

The full list of game times can be seen here.

Footballs almost here, guys. Hang in there.

Update 1:

Former WSU beat writer and current UW beat writer Christian Caple is reporting that the Apple Cup will kick off at either 12:30 or 1. It was previously announced that it would take place on Black Friday on either Fox or Fox Sports 1.