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U.S. Open 2015: WSU gear invades Chambers Bay

We might not be great at donating, but we love wearing our logo!

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The 2015 U.S. Open visited western Washington last weekend at Chambers Bay in University Place, and it's a time-honored tradition for those in the gallery to wear golf gear from their favorite golfer, team, or even school to the tournament.

One national golf writer found something he didn't really expect.

Of course, this comes as absolutely no surprise to us. Those of us on this side of the state might be geographically removed from our alma mater, but our alma mater is never far from our hearts -- or our closets. You see a couple of guys in the photo above, and I did my part on Sunday (mostly because the only semi-respectable clothes I own have Cougar logos on them):

Nusser US Open Small

Anecdotally, it seemed to me that there was, in fact, a lot more Cougar gear than Husky gear on Sunday, but I only saw a pretty small portion of the course given that I spent the vast majority of the day camped out in the 18th grandstand and only ventured out a handful of times to get food, go to the bathroom, and catch a bit of the action up above Nos. 8 and 9 -- partly because I could watch two holes that were strong candidates for birdies, and party because this was the view:

US Open 9th

As far as I saw, though, there were no flags or cameos for the camera, a la The Masters in 2012. Now, if we could only match our enthusiasm for important things such as wearing clothing and purchasing license plates with other important things.