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No Cougs drafted into NBA

While not shocking, it was sad to see Coug DaVonte Lacy go undrafted.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

To what should come as little surprise, neither DaVonte Lacy or Jordan Railey were selected in Thursday night's NBA draft. If either player is to play in the Association they will have to take an unorthodox route to get there.

Scott discussed yesterday the teams that the two players had worked out for, and went over some scouting reports. Lacy is a more intriguing prospect than Railey (and much more intriguing college player) but Davonte is an old, undersized prospect who, according to people who know the game better than I, will struggle to defend NBA caliber guards. Railey showed some flashes of a player that was competent offensively but even with his size its hard to imagine him playing in the NBA with his limited skillset.

People have compared Lacy and Connor Halliday before, and on DaVonte's draft night the similarities are there again. With any luck Lacy will get an invite to play in the NBA summer league. Maybe he will go overseas and try to get the attention of NBA teams from afar. Or, he might also follow Connor's path and decide that its time to hang up the shoes. Regardless of what he decides to do next one thing is certain, we will be rooting for him.

His NBA career got off to rough start last night, but hopefully it will just be the start of something special.



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