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College Basketball makes changes to keep fan interest

College basketball and NCAA officials gathered and announced Monday afternoon that there was going to be changes to the upcoming basketball season.

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With people losing interest in college basketball quickly the NCAA decided to make changes to keep the interest flowing.

College basketball has taken a big hit in fan support lately and with it becoming more and more apparent, NCAA officials gathered this past weekend and decided to make changes. They include speeding up pace of play, in-post play, technical foul calls, flopping, and physicality of play among other things.

The NBA has received a lot of criticism with issues regarding the same things that the NCAA has changed and has gained a lot more interest in the past year with the changes that have been made.  The NCAA looks to do the same thing.

The shot clock was reduced from 45 to 35 seconds in the 1993-94 season and was reduced even more to 30 seconds starting this next season. Teams will also now have one less timeout in the second half. Teams used to be able to carry over four timeouts to the second half, but that number was cut to three.

Teams that take too long to resume play after a timeout will be given one warning, each following violation will result in a one-shot technical foul.

Coaches are no longer able to call a timeout during live-play starting next season.

The restricted arc will increase from three to four feet to help lessen collisions in the post. There has been quite a few issues regarding concussions and physicality of play recently in all sports.

It will be interesting to see the impact the changes have next season.



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