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The CougCenter Hour: Fiscal Year Wrap Up

We go back over the last 12 months that was Cougar athletics...don't worry, it's not all bad!

The CougCenter Hour is back! I know some of your have had this day marked on your calendar for seconds, minutes even. Just know I share in your excitement.

We start you off on our special 90 minute edition (87 but whatever) with a tribute to the man who pretty much made Washington State University what it is today: our dearly departed president, Dr. Elson S. Floyd. After that, we dive into the year that was Washington State athletics, starting most logically in the fall and moving into the winter and then the spring.

We've got two guests with us for this edition: Jeff Nusser sits down to chat about wSU football at the 18:25 mark and Craig Powers is also here at 45:20 to talk about the surprising year WSU men's basketball had. We also dive into what went right and wrong for WSU women's soccer, women's basketball and the new era in the coming fiscal year for WSU baseball. Then, at the 1:21.41 mark, we get into the Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything.

Hope you enjoy listening!