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WSU landed recent baseball recruit on pure luck

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Recruiting in college sports can be a very weird process. In some cases, it plays out over months with staffs targeting specific players and using any technique they can think of to convince him to come to their school. It other cases, the right circumstances just happen to come together. That is how the WSU baseball program landed recent signee Damon Jones.

WSU assistant coach Jim Horner landed Jones, but didn't even know who he was until the first time he saw him pitch. Horner was in Colorado at a game, only because of a connection to another player. Jones happened to be pitching that night and Horner apparently just happened to sit in the stands next to Jones family. has the full story, including just how easy the process can be sometimes.

"He pulled out the gun, looked at my mom and grandpa and said ‘What would you say if I offered your son a scholarship?" Jones said, via Twin Falls Times-News.

Out of context, that quote sounds much more threatening than it actually was. Horner didn't land a verbal commitment at gunpoint. The gun Jones is referring to is a radar gun, so apparently he has one hell of an arm if he landed a scholarship on one performance.

Who needs fancy photoshops and hundreds of letters. Sometimes you just need to be in the right place at the right time.



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Former multi-sport Twin Falls high school standout and pitcher at the College of Southern Idaho, Damon Jones signed at Washington State University last week, where he’ll join former Bruins teammate Chandler Greenfield.

Women's basketball:

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