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What's your bold prediction for WSU's season?

What do you think will happen in WSU's 2015 season.

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Football is getting closer and closer by the second. It's almost impossible to pass the time. But.... Unfortunately you have to.

But here's a thought that may be a game changer for all of you: Why wait to see what happens when you can simply predict what will happen. The good part of predictions is that they are never wrong... Or no one remembers if they are wrong.

Jacob Thorpe of the Spokesman Review checked in with some predictions of his own from yesterday. They range from WSU upsetting a top-25 team to WSU rushing for more than 1,000 yards. You can read them all here, but here's my favorite: "The WSU offensive line will give up fewer than 30 sacks."

I expect the offensive line, which returns everybody, literally everybody, from last season to have a great year. Couple an improved offensive line with the pocket feel and mobility we've seen from Luke Falk and I think WSU will allow less than 30 sacks in 2015.

As we learned yesterday when our own Brian Anderson broke it down, WSU's offensive line could actually be a strength. Joe Dahl has the ability to become a superstar (as much a superstar as offensive lineman can be) and the group as a whole has some fire power.

Personally, I have one bold prediction I came up with for the 2015 season. WSU will make a bowl game this season. I know, it's a stretch, especially looking at their opponents. But I believe that this team has a chance to upset some of the powerhouses on their schedule. The defense is one of the biggest question marks, but with new coordinator Alex Grinch at the helm, the young squad lead by an energetic leader could surprise some people. In addition, with a full offseason under his belt, Luke Falk can improve on a promising, if inconsistent, 2014.

Now we want to hear from you guys. What is your bold prediction for the 2015 season? Be bold. Sure it's fun to be right, but it's even more fun to make an outlandish claim a month before the season. If it's wrong, no one cares. If it's right, you can rub it in everyone's faces. So, be as bold as you can imagine.


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