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How much respect will the Cougs get at Pac-12 media day?

The media poll will be announced on Thursday.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Today and tomorrow in Los Angeles, the Pac-12 holds it's annual media day. Mike Leach will be on hand along with offensive tackle Joe Dahl and linebacker Jeremiah Allison. Each team gets to bring an offensive and defensive player to represent the team and Leach chose those two outstanding seniors.

WSU's turn on the mic will come on Friday at 12:10 pm. PT. The big news that will be released today is the Pac-12 preseason media poll. The Cougs typically don't garner a lot of support in the poll and it will be interesting to see if the media follows the lead of Vegas oddsmakers and place the Crimson and Gray in front of the Purple and Gold. My guess is the media will (pardon the phrase) bow down to the Seattle market but we shall see.

In the spirit of the day I figured I'd my some predictions of my own:

Pac 12 North







Pac 12 South







What do you guys think? Can WSU finish in the upper half of the North?



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