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The CougCenter Hour: Season 3, Episode 1

We're talking football and futbol leading up to the 2015-2016 athletic year with SB Nation's Bill Connelly and WSU head soccer coach Todd Shulenberger.

We're baaaaaaaack.

And we're not doing the live show any more so you can listen any time you want AND it sounds great. It's really the best of both worlds.

We sit down with SB Nation's Bill Connelly to chat about what's coming for Washington State football and what his numbers show caused such an awful 2014 season. Then, we sit down with WSU's brand new soccer coach, Todd Shulenberger to discuss his new team, the direction they're headed, and whether he has ever gotten a speeding ticket in Colfax before. Then, we dive into what was supposed to be a question for Ask Michael Anything but instead spend 10 minutes answering the "how do you get butts in the seats" question and then ... we don't really answer it.

We wrap everything up with our two favorite segments, Dunderhead of the Week and the aforementioned Ask Michael Anything. Our first show of the year is in the books! Thanks, as always, for your ears!

If you want to listen on the go, the file is also available for download in the top right hand corner of the player window.