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Report: Connor Halliday to try out with Kansas City Chiefs

If you had "no way is Connor Halliday actually walking away from football forever" in the betting pool, it looks like you win!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Connor Halliday appears ready to resume his quest to become a professional quarterback by trying out with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to a report from

Halliday mysteriously "retired" from football back in May after abruptly leaving Washington D.C., where he was scheduled to begin his career as an undrafted free agent with the NFL team there. While it seemed hard to believe at the time that he could be totally recovered from his awful broken leg and still just give up the game, Halliday offered no explanation, and Mike Leach even said at Pac-12 media days that Halliday really had just walked away.

Whatever was going on then -- was he burned out? not fully recovered? suddenly offended by Washington's mascot? -- it appears to be resolved now. And to be honest, there are fewer places in the NFL that could be better for Halliday to land than Kansas City, where Andy Reid is a great for young quarterbacks. (The same cannot be said for Daniel Snyder's franchise.)

There's virtually no chance he can make the active roster with Chase Daniel and draft pick Aaron Murray backing up Alex Smith, so the practice squad seems the likely destination if Halliday can catch Reid's eye.

The Cougfan story notes that Halliday also is exploring CFL options; I'm not sure how that works, since they're already midway through their season, which ends in November.

However this works out, I'm really excited to see Halliday giving it a go. He left WSU as the school record holder in career yards, touchdowns, completions and attempts, and after all his hard work -- both to develop as a quarterback and to recover from the broken leg -- to not give pursuing the NFL a serious shot just seemed like a shame. I'll be rooting hard for him.