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Now on iTunes: Subscribe to The CougCenter Hour with Michael Preston

There's really no excuse not to listen anymore.

Good news for both current and soon-to-be religious listeners of The CougCenter Hour podcast with Michael Preston: The show can now be found on iTunes!

If iTunes is your thing, you can just click on that link and it should take you where you want to go. If you use a different Podcast app (I, for example, use Overcast) and you want to search your app's directory, search for "CougCenter Hour." It'll probably bring up two different feeds; subscribe to the one with this logo:

cougcenter itunes small

Or, you can manually add it by copying and pasting this RSS feed:

We're also on Stitcher, if that's your preference. Here's the link, or if you search for "CougCenter Hour," again make sure you pick the one with the above logo. Or if you use SoundCloud a lot, you can just listen there.

Lots of options! Including listening in your browser, which you can do right now if you missed last week's show, which featured Jacob Thorpe of the Spokesman-Review talking about his observations from fall camp and WSU coach Jen Greeny exploring the challenges of rebuilding the volleyball program in Pullman: