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Inside the Drive: An introduction

If you like geeking out over Xs and Os, you've come to the right spot.

William Mancebo/Getty Images

Welcome to Inside the Drive! Each week we'll be breaking down a series or two from the game the week before and highlighting some (hopefully) interesting aspects of the X and O components in those plays.

If you're feeling a little too positive about the upcoming season, a little too much Kool-Aid in your system, re-reading this Inside The Drive from the CU homecoming game in 2012 will definitely be a reality check. It'll also give you a sense of what to expect from this weekly feature, but imagine it with better graphics (I used paint back then...not awesome).

Since this is Week 1, we don't have any break downs, but we do have Luke Falk dropping a bomb to Dom Williams on his first collegiate pass attempt against Portland State last season.


I'd wager we get a similar GIF from this Saturday.

We've heard all off-season about some new run packages, but I wouldn't get too excited to see much of that against Portland State. We'll probably watch a fairly vanilla playbook, as the staff won't want to put all the new stuff on tape before they really need to ... and they shouldn't really need to against the Vikings.

You should be able to pick out many of the garden-variety staples on offense, including: MeshShallow CrossY-CrossRandy and LarrySailShakes Stick and Corners, and of course Verts.

If you wanna read up on how going under center, which we should see a little of, can benefit the offense - you can read up on that here.

Hopefully the Cougs provide plenty of highlights to choose from next week. Let's also try making this thing interactive. I'll do my best at finding interesting things, but if you see something you'd like covered in here, hit me up on twitter or leave a comment in the game thread and we'll work it in if we can.

Just for fun, maybe some bonus trivia points if MC Mark agrees to it -- what will be the first offensive play called on Saturday?

See you all in Martin!