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Five Rutgers players arrested for assault, riot

The players were arrested as part of a larger investigation into violent home invasion robberies by a former Rutgers player.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

From bad to worse for WSU's second opponent in the 2015 season: After practice today, five current players were arrested as part of a larger investigation into multiple home invasion robberies by a former Rutgers University student. In all, nine people were taken into custody on Thursday with one person remaining at-large.

The five players currently behind bars are facing charges from what prosecutors say was an unprovoked attack on four people in New Brunswick last April. At least one of the people attacked suffered a broken jaw in the incident, according to prosecutors.

Current players Andre Boggs, Ruhann Peele, Nadir Barnwell, Rahzonn Gross, and Delon Stephenson, are all facing charges of aggravated assault, riot and conspiracy to commit a riot. Police were at the practice field today to make the arrests in Piscataway and athletic director Julie Hermann suspended all five of them as a result of the arrests. Prosecutors say another man involved in the beating, Tejay Johnson, committed at least three home invasion robberies around the same time.

These charges all come as head coach Kyle Flood reiterated to reporters today that he'd coach the team in their opener against Norfolk State while the school continues to investigate him for academic fraud. That case -- which was supposed to be resolved quickly -- actually involves Barnwell, who was declared ineligible this spring because of a grades issue. Flood reportedly contacted a member of the faculty about Barnwell's status, and the most recent reporting indicates the contact might not have been as innocent as Flood wants everyone to believe.

Things continue to get worse for the Scarlet Knights and it looks like it won't be getting better any time soon.