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WSU loses 24-17 to lowly FCS Portland State

The Cougars hit a new low.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Fans assumed Portland State would be a walkover for WSU. It appears the actual players felt the same way, as the Cougars turned in a lifeless, listless performance to turn in what is undeniably the worst performance of the Mike Leach era as the Vikings walked out of Martin Stadium with a 24-17 victory.

We could spend a couple hundred words here telling you all about how this happened, but why? Does it matter? Honestly, I'm only writing this because I have to. WSU lost to an FCS school in its home opener in a year where Leach told anyone who would listen that this was the best team he's had in Pullman. It's a team completely filled with his players, and they took a giant collective dump on the turf in front of the 250 or so fans who were stupid enough to sit in the rain for this thing.

I've done a lot of sticking up for Leach over the past three seasons. There are no more excuses.

I'd welcome you to rock bottom, but as my years as a fan have taught me: There is no bottom.

Fire everyone.

Go Cougs.