Bill Moos resigns as Athletic Director

You clicked on this thinking it really happened. What a sorry bunch you are. Here we are now and you think firing and hiring is a cure to our troubles. What a crock! Who do you think will replace Moos? You think the greatest Athletic Director of all time will replace him? With a toxic environment we made in a wake of a single game loss, who are we kidding that a even a good athletic director will give even a look a Pullman. What is the attraction? We are no legendary school. We are not an ivy league school and we act like one after this game. The other team came to play and our team were too complacent on the field with a nice rain. We had tons of mistakes. Now we all are going out and asking to fire a director of athletics and a coach when we do not think through of all the consequences. Whatever happened to the perception? Have we all rolled ones on the twenty dice?

More mistakes and more anger will not get us through the season. What we can do is ask for better performance and pressure the team to not slack off. Maybe it is not only the team that has a problem. Maybe we need to be better fans and get out of the death spiral we built ourselves. We cannot go overboard with things that happen to not go as planned. Our attitude can make a difference between getting a team to do a good job to the team messing up even the easy stuff. We cannot have fans running on the field to do a penalty kick. That just embarrassing as what we are posting after a blowup. My gosh it must be the end of the world and yet here we are sitting here and sulking about when Rome was great or complaining that we are not getting anywhere. Well, has your greatest post got the team anywhere?

I apologize about the rant. I do not see how the editors and authors are curbing the wave of anger. I guess it is tough to be a Coug these days, but do not let that game ruin your life. We just need to ask our team to get better and leave this game as a remembrance of what not to be. We cannot be toxic. We need to be here for our school and our team. Support is all we can give and we can always ask for better results.

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