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Pac-12 Networks Honors President Elson Floyd

Man, it's dusty in here... And I have allergies... Plus this damn cold doesn't help, either... Yup, all of those things.

When Elson Floyd passed away earlier this summer there was an outpouring of support, both on the internet and in person. The reason is simple: The man cared deeply about his job and cared deeply about everything and everyone involved with the university.

Earlier this week the Pac-12 Network aired a special piece on Dr. Floyd on the Pac-12 Sports Report and recently released it on their website. The video is very well produced and just serves as yet another example as to why Dr. Floyd was so beloved.

Interviews include students, Bill Moos and many more. They even feature an interview from March with the man himself. It's very well done and is guaranteed to bring a tear or two to your eyes.

Give this one a watch. It's well worth your time. If the embedded video above doesn't work, Here's a link to the Pac-12 website.


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