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The CougCenter Hour: Trying to make sense of why the loss to PSU stung so much

This loss sucked. A lot. We try to make sense of why it hurts more than others.

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A shortened version of The CougCenter Hour this week (and we'll explain why in the Dunderhead of the Week). A brief look back at why the loss to Portland State stung so badly and a quick look ahead to a Rutgers team we still don't know a lot about. Well, we do know they're dealing with a whole host of problems right now.

As usual, we end our show with the Dunderhead of the Week and our favorite segment in the history of...segments, Ask Michael Anything. As always, you can ask me a question at anytime on Twitter, just use the hashtag #CougCenterHour or, if you are not Twitter inclined, you can leave a question in the comment section and we'll get to it on next week's show!